Nintendo Not Revealing Wii U Price at E3

Nintendo has confirmed that they although they will be showing off the final hardware configuration of the Wii U at E3, they will not be revealing the price.  Some analysts believe that the Wii U cannot sell for more than $250.00 to be successful, while others have stated that launch price will be no less that $300.00.  regardless of the price, I feel that this is a smart move on Nintendo’s part.

With no focus on price, all attention can be filtered towards the unit itself.    They can do what they failed to do for the 3DS, such as focus on the features that make it unique (like the NFC Tech, that was leaked for Rayman Legends).  It will also allow them to focus on the games, and what they bring to the system.  I am sure that Nintendo will give it some time for the demos to soak in, the excitement to build, and the fanboys to scream “WANT”, before the final price is revealed.  It is much easier to justify a higher price tag if the fans are excited about the system.

It has also been said that they will not confirm a launch date at E3.  Again, I believe that this will help build excitement for the system.  The price and release date are minor details on the system launch.  In the end, the playability is what matters.

What are your thoughts on a price free demo?  Do you think that knowing the features and capabilities will subliminally lure you in to a higher price?

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