Is Your Wii/Kinect/PlayStation®Move Really Helping You stay Fit?

I have to admit, I bought my Wii for two reasons.  The first being for me and my kids to play the games and enjoy our time together.  The second was to experience the interactive gaming experience and possibly lose a little weight and become a bit more healthy.

When I first hooked it up and turned it on I tried out Wii Sports.  It was amazing!  I tried all of the events and found that after boxing, I was sweating and my arms felt like rubber.  The next day I was sore.  When Wii Fit came out, I purchased it and had minimal results.  Now the Wii Fit board sits under my TV cabinet with a visible layer of dust.

Next I bought Kinect for my Xbox 360.  I really like that there are no controllers to mess with, but still find that I do not use it that much.  My kids play all of the various dance games, but I would not say that they break a sweat.  As for the Playstation Move, I never really had an interest in it, so I can’t really give an opinion on it.

Recently, a local news broadcast reported that their independent studies have shown that Motion active video games do not necessarily help you lose weight.  Their finding showed that half of the kids and adults sat down while playing Wii, and those that were active tend to snack and “relax” afterwards. 

The study found, “There was no evidence that children receiving the active video games were more active in general, or at any time, than children receiving the inactive video games, suggesting no public health benefit.”

Although I probably have fit into the same category as the majority of the subjects in the study, I would argue that there are some out there that do use their active devices in their weight loss and fitness routines successfully.  Do you have any success stories with any of the devices?

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  1. I can say Wii Fit worked for me as long as I was able to stick with it. I did end up losing several pounds and feeling better, but I’m sure it was a result of the big picture; the game encouraged me to log what I was eating, try to improve my posture, walk more, etc.

    I’m sure the activity that helped me most was the jogging-which doesn’t even use the board–and the free step aerobics where you keep stepping on and off the board while watching TV for a half hour.

    My doctor summed it up when I sheepishly asked him if he thought Wii Fit was doing me any good: He said, “Whatever works to get you moving is a positive thing.” So, in my opinion, Wii Fit does what it claims to do. It’s up to the individual to stick with it long enough to get results. I could probably have achieved exactly the same thing with simple exercises and walking, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun.

  2. I used Wii Fit and it definitely made some work outs enjoyable, but weight loss just isn’t that easy for most people (unless you won the genetic lottery) Diet is far more important I’ve found, and when you combine exercise with healthy, moderate eating, that’s what tends to lead to the most dramatic examples of weight loss.

  3. Nope, not at all.

  4. Wii Fit (plus) and EA Sports Active 2.
    Even some dance game

    It’s my way of exercise and it greatly helped me in becoming fit.
    You need dedication, but that’s with all exercise.

  5. Nope.. got tired of the Wii real quickly (though I prefer the xbox 360 any day), especially after tennis and bowling had given me really sore arms.. and not in a kind of “after-work-out-ache”.. just plain hurtful >_<

    The Kinect also got boring after having maxed out the achievements in Kinect Adventures.. picked it up again when Fruit Ninja came out, but now it's just never being used.. it just sits there looking ugly on top of my TV, attached with ugly white tape, glaring at me while I'm excluding it from my daily gaming habits..


  6. I use Wii FitPlus daily, 24 minutes of yoga/strength training.
    It definitely does help tone IF YOU USE IT REGULARLY.

    One bonus of computer based exercise is the instructor does not get tired of explaining themselves over and over. Not the same with yoga instructors I’ve experienced.

    Can computerized exercise programs help you become more fit? yes.

    Does the mere existence of computerized exercise programs help you become more fit? No, you have to take your own responsibility.

  7. Really doubt it. When people are serious about working out, and they are really dedicated, they do other options. I do p90x and go to the guy in between rounds.

    “oh yes! Wii/Kinect makes working out fun!”
    I don’t try to mask it with games (no need to put an excuse to work out). When you really want to be healthy the hard work during and after the workouts are motivation enough.

  8. >>I don’t try to mask it with games<<

    I made no reference to games.

    Check out the actual options in the products you are referring to.

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