Summon all the power-ups you can muster, Infendo: I’m attempting a marathon this weekend

For life insurance reasons, I starting running a couple of years ago. Nearing 30, I figured it would be a good way to defer the eventual kiss of death and help support the misses and koopa kids for as long as I can.

Since then, I’ve gradually increased my distance. After accidentally running farther than I had originally intended, it was obvious I was close to marathon distance. So I thought, “What the heck?” and signed up for one.

This weekend, the time arrives. Although I’m physically prepared, I’m sparring with a mild cold and a sore left foot. As a result, I’m more apprehensive about the run than I wanted to be.

So if any are feeling generous with encouragement, have overcame physically demanding challenges in the past, or just like sending digital high fives over the internet, I’ll take all the cheer leading I can get.

Beat you to the finish!