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Is Your Wii/Kinect/PlayStation®Move Really Helping You stay Fit?

I have to admit, I bought my Wii for two reasons.  The first being for me and my kids to play the games and enjoy our time together.  The second was to experience the interactive gaming experience and possibly lose

Kinection Error: Don’t Move! Sony and Microsoft fall flat at E3

Despite impressive tech demos at last year’s E3, Microsoft’s recently re-branded “Kinect” and Sony’s Playstation Move controller felt more dated than the “underpowered” Nintendo console they are trying to out-motion. What do we mean by dated? Obviously this has nothing

Infendo Radio: Special Guest Included!

Remember when Players Guides and game instruction manuals were awesome, unique collectors items? Infendo Radio does. Do you remember crowding around a tiny TV to share Nintendo with your friends? Infendo Radio does. Do you remember former podcast host Kyle