Sonic 4: Episode II Boasts New, Bonus Content…but Leaves Nintendo Out to Dry?

The newest trailer for Sonic’s latest episodic release revealed this potentially disappointing news to the general public. Sonic 4: Episode I was, in my opinion, one of Sonic’s finest titles to date. Sure the physics were a bit…wonky, to be honest, but the game did everything else right – including holding a spot on the Wii Shop Channel, giving everyone a chance to play the game. The Wii version’s soundtrack was even tweaked a bit, adding a bit of diversity to the mix.

However, it seems as though Episode II won’t be offered on the Wii at all, so says this new trailer (and apparently confirmed by Sega on their forums). While this certainly alienates players who only own a Wii, it also hurts all the folks who own other consoles, yet still purchased Episode I on the Wii. These players are now being denied bonus content that, frankly, they deserve and have already paid for in part. Since both games must be downloaded onto the same device, everyone who plunked down cash on the Wii version must  now repurchase the game on another device to get this content. If they even can, that is.

Honestly, Sega manages to screw something up with nearly every Sonic game lately. It’s as if they’re meeting some sort of “whoops, guess we messed up” quota put in place to anger loyal fans. To name a few, Sonic Unleashed had glorious Daytime levels, but boasted twice as many horrible Night levels. Way to go. Sonic Generations is a flawless Sonic game…unless you own the PS3 version, in which case input lag caused by a developmental aspect of the game renders it utterly unplayable. Thanks, Sega. And then, as previously mentioned, Sonic 4: Episode I had those weird physics (not a game breaker…but c’mon Sega). All I can say is…thank the Maker for Sonic Colors, which was pretty flawless in general. And that was a Wii exclusive (well, and DS).

In closing, am I excited for Sonic 4: Episode II? Sure I am. I’ll admit that the allure of HD made Episode I a PSN purchase back in the day. Still, it’s unfair what they’re doing to the rest of their followers who don’t fall into that category. Sega’s all over the place as of late, and I’m eager to see when they finally get their act together; if they get it together. Anybody else with me? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Name's Michael Fletcher. I'm a college graduate, and I earned a Bachelor's Degree in English with a focus on professional writing. Programming never clicked for me, so the only realistic way for this lad to make a career out of playing games is to write about 'em. Luckily, this is something I enjoy doing anyway. Live to play, play to live.


  1. I really can’t blame them: considering that most Wii owners have never hooked their systems to the internet, I can imagine less-than-awesome sales results for the Wii version of Episode 1. A 3DS download of both chapters would have been great, but…ah, well.

    I’m just glad Sega’s keeping up work on Sonic titles at all. I hope someday we get another game as good as Colors. Yeah, weren’t Unleashed’s night levels awful? Who at Sega actually thought that was fun? And, I’ve gotta get this off my chest: “Werehog” is a not the right word for them to choose! “Were” is the part of the name that implies a morphing process! A werehog would be someone changing into a hedgehog! He’s already a hedgehog! If only that were all that was wrong with that game!

  2. You bring up a hilarious truth about the whole Werehog thing. It’s true though, haha.

    As for Wii Sales, yeah, they’d surely be anything but stellar (they sure didn’t get my money back then). Still, if they had devised and advertised a way for everyone who might have bought Episode I on Wii to get their bonus content on other consoles, they would have come out ahead with everyone (well, more or less).

    Alas, it is not the case. Silly, silly Sega.

  3. Honestly, I would be very upset if I did buy Episode I for Wii, only to be completely locked out of any further content. I would want my money back. I never would have bothered to download it in the first place if I knew I’d never be able to finish it.

  4. Sonic Generations is messed up on PS3? I guess I dodged a bullet then, by waiting. That’s the system I would’ve picked it up on. I guess it’ll have to be Wii, then. Too bad it won’t be HD. Any chance the PS3 problem has been patched.

  5. Wait a minute Sonic Generations isn’t even on the wii is it? Now I’m even more pissed.

  6. This is the first I’ve heard of Generations being messed up on PS3. I haven’t actually noticed anything, and I own it! I haven’t played it too, too much but I thought I would’ve noticed something about that. Does anyone here have experience with that problem?

  7. I have never heard of the PS3 version of Sonic Generations being messed up. I’ve played the Xbox 360, PC & 3DS versions and never had an issue with any of them. But the problem could be that you are playing a PS3…

  8. Nobody plays their Wii anymore anyways, It’s almost out of it’s run, and frankly, couldn’t handle the HD graphics in Ep2

    Take into consideration that SEGA’s been in a bit of a pickle financially, and it should be absolutely obvious not to develop on Wii.

    Why would they waste resources developing a dumbed down version, for a console that it won’t sell well on?

    It would make more sense to release it on 3DS than it would Wii.

    Besides, knowing SEGA, they’ll probably re-release both titles on WiiU early in the console’s run.

    And if you bought Ep1 on Wii, it’s not like anyone would be expecting the bonuses on another system. I don’t really see how it’s “unfair”

  9. I have the PS3 version and apart from some slowdown here and there, I don’t notice any input lag. It’s heaps better than Sonic Colours. And I like Sonic Colours.

  10. The obvious truth is that if they thought it would be worth the effort, they would have made a wii version. the original must not have performed up to their expectations and we only have nintendo to blame for offering an sub-par online system.

    I’m not bashing nintendo here. They have made some great strides with the e-shop but they need to constantly evolve to attract big developers like sega.

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