Chrono Trigger. Virtual Console. Monday. YES!

Monday, May 16th, a big wish comes true for many game fans: Chrono Trigger, the original time-bending, actions-have-consequences, multiple-endings, medieval, futuristic, Tolkienesque, steampunk, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Super Nintendo RPG classic arrives on Wii via the Virtual Console service.

Eight bucks for one of the best games ever created. Not a bad deal. Click here for more information from the horse’s (chocobo’s?) mouth.

It’s been a long time since I bought a VC title, but this one’s a must-have for me. How about you?

7 Responses to Chrono Trigger. Virtual Console. Monday. YES!

  1. Mark says:

    The real question is whether to buy this or the DS remake. Hrm.

  2. Eugene says:

    One of my favorite RPGs without a doubt.

  3. Ac says:

    DS remake has all the cut scenes. I have it, so pass

  4. Skotski says:

    Depends. Would you rather pay for this, which is said to cost 800 points ($8) – the original.
    Or purchase the $20 (for new) which has cutscenes (that are really just homages to the game but don’t really make the dramatic scenes any better), an extra dungeon (which becomes a giant chore), and a monster-battle-raise system (which is far too simple and not too enjoyable)?

    …not really bagging too harsh on the DS: I own it. But just giving you some perspective for those who say the DS version is “FAR SUPERIOR”.

  5. gamecollector44 says:

    Naw, I already have the original SNES version. Boxed and complete with the maps even. 🙂 I love birthdays. xD

  6. Mohan says:

    I would so get this if I didn’t have the DS version.

  7. EdEN says:

    I have it on a SNES cartridge and a DS cartridge so no VC purchase… unless buying it means we get a direct sequel (Chrono Cross was good, but not what we expected!).

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