Would New Games for Old Systems Really Be That Bad?

Recently, Dan posted an article about a new Super Nintendo game in development.  As I read the article I felt a chill of excitement run down my spine and started thinking, would this really be a bad idea if it continued?

I know that a lot of people out there will be against it.  They will tell us that Emulators and downloads from the console specific stores are their choice of playing games from old systems.  However, for me at least, it is never the same unless you are playing on the original system.  The pain of Nintendo Thumb as you are dominating the tough bosses, or the frustration of violently blowing into games in an effort to get them to play, made games just seemed more than games, they were something that you became part of.  I have tried emulators, and downloads from the shops and I am not against it at all.  I just feel that the nostalgic feel of the controller and classic look of the old cartridges are superior in some sense.

But would it really be that bad to release new games for old consoles?  There are currently many systems out there, such as the Retron 3 NES SNES & Sega System, that will play old school games.  And there are plenty of used systems that sell very cheap on various sites across the web. I actually think this would be a great test market for new games as well as expanding the story of current or future games.

There are some that argue the games would be horrible because the graphics are inferior to today’s graphics and the music would be annoying in an 8-bit format.  My response would be that graphics and sound are cool and help draw you into a game, but let’s face it…the game is all about the story.  If Mario Kart 7 played Barbie Girl on a loop in the background, I would just mute the volume and turn on the radio.

Now, $60.00 would be too expensive for a game of the retro quality, bit $20-$25 US would be appropriate.  If this had the backing of either the system consoles or the development companies the price could be low enough and the talent would be available to create a quality product.  Sega could get back to their roots and create some awesome games, Nintendo could reintroduce some old/forgotten characters, and Sony/Microsoft could even pick up some of the games from other “lost” systems.  I actually think that this would be a great way for future game developers (fresh out of school) to get their foot in the door to work on newer high res games.

What are your thoughts, would you expand your retro console collection with new games?  If so, what new games would you like to see get the retro makeover?



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