Netflix on DS? This is Getting Ridiculous.


Just before last year’s GDC we saw hints of Netflix for the PS3 and Wii – by means of official Netflix surveys, testing the waters of the potential customer base.  The Wii solution is now a confirmed reality, and these survey suggestions are popping up again – this time for the Nintendo DS.

Ever since Netflix poked a hole through Xbox Live’s “Exclusive” clause, it’s almost as if they’ve gone mad with multi-platform delivery schemes. I guess it’s no loss for us – I’ll watch Doctor Who anywhere, on any screen.  Netflix for DS? That’s ridiculous, but I’m game. Bring it on Netflix.   My only question? Are they looking at a special “Physical Media” software delivery solution, such as the Wii and PS3 Streaming Netflix discs, or a DSiWare only Download?

Check out the survey in question over at Kotaku, whom we proudly borrowed the above image from.