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It seems that everywhere you turn, there is nothing but negative news surrounding the Wii U.  Honestly, other than and a few other Nintendo centric websites, I cannot find anyone that has reported on the good aspects of the console.  Instead they tell us about how horrible it is compared to two unreleased consoles (that incidentally we know very little about.).  Could this stem from Jealousy, maybe they are scared of what the Wii U offers, maybe they know something we don’t know?

I cannot say that I know the true motives behind the negative press, but I can guess that it is nothing more than a scare tactic.  I would guess that the two other next Gen consoles will not come close to the Wii U launch pricing, so scaring fans into thinking that their beloved Wii U will be obsolete shortly after E3 seems a perfect way to coerce fans to come on over to their camp.  I would also guess that they fear the Wii U’s future success.  I mean, we saw everyone write off the 3DS.  Sony released a fantastic alternative, but failed to gain momentum in the market (Could there be fears that the PS4 will react the same?).  Microsoft did not release anything to combat the 3DS, maybe they feel that their mobile tablets and phones are en0ugh to fight against the 3DS, but I doubt it.  Nintendo took the time to nurture the 3DS and then BAM…it became the super successful console/handheld that it is.  I have a feeling that Nintendo is taking the same route with the Wii U.

Since its launch, we have seen multiple updates, with many more to come.  All, arguably, have been for the better.  I think this has been part of Nintendo’s master plan all along.  Sure, we might have been used as guinea pigs, but Nintendo has kept us up to date on the progress of the updates via Nintendo Directs and other communications.  By the time the other two consoles release, Nintendo should have all of the bugs worked out.  However, the other two will just begin to experience the real life issues that come with a new console, issues that cannot be found in a controlled testing environment.  I wonder if the same people that are complaining now, will complain about the issues that the next PlayStation and Xbox will have?  What about lack of launch titles?  Will both consoles have hundreds of titles at launch.   Will they release a few quality games, or bombard us with fillers?

Speaking of quality, are the best graphics, fastest processors, most powerful machines really that important?  I, for one, play for the story.  A game could have the most beautiful environments, surreal music, and amazing characters, but if the story is horrible is it worth playing?  I think that graphics and power have become an unnecessary definition of what makes a console great.  It is sad that power has come to measure a consoles success even before it is launched, and we have experienced actual gameplay.  That is what has me concerned about the PS4 announcement.  We saw some amazing demos, my jaw was on the floor the entire time.  But was it all smoke and mirrors?  WE did not see any actual gameplay, and from what we learned for Aliens: Colonial Marines, demo and gameplay are not always the same.  Not to mention we did not even see a console.  I feel that they rushed to make the announcement and showed us what we wanted to see, not what they actual had ready,  As for Microsoft, nothing has been confirmed and the fans are already declaring victory.  I only hope that tomorrow’s announcement shows us more that the PS4.

What about the developers?  It has been confirmed that one time arch nemesis of Nintendo, SEGA, has joined forces and become an ally.  I can see great things coming from this partnership, and truly believe that the addition of Sonic (I know a lot of people dislike him) and possibly other Sega IPs will only add to Nintendo’s success.  However, there are still those developers, such as EA, that I believe are digging their own grave by trashing Nintendo.  Most of EA’s games are easily duplicated, especially the sports games and First Person Shooters.  A smart developer, preferably an Indie, could approach Nintendo with a plan to create something new that could blow the cookie cutter genre out of the water.  Now, I don’t have anything against EA’s games, just their attitude (As seen in the twitter conversation below).  They are trashing Nintendo publicly, and that is bad business.  Some things are best kept behind closed doors, instead they have chosen to bring their fanbase into this.

What are your thoughts about the negative publicity that Nintendo is receiving?  Is it unjustified and unfair?  Will Wii U rise up like a Phoenix just as the 3DS did?  Hmmmm….maybe the next Nintendo console could be called the Phoenix!

Share your thoughts below.


Essel Pratt has spent his life exploring his imagination and dreams. As a Husband and a Father, he doesn't have as much time to write as he would like. However, his mind is always plotting out his next story. Someday he hopes to quit the 9-5 grind and focus on writing full time. Currently, Essel has three published short stories and is working on a handful of novels. Essel focuses his writings on mostly Horror/Sci-Fi, however is known to add a dash of other genres into his writings as well. In his spare time, he can be found playing one of the 40+ video game consoles in his collection, especially his Wii U (NNID: EsselPratt). Click the links below to follow Essel's exploits in the writing world, and be sure to follow his blog at as well as his articles on


  1. DAMN the speculators. They are obviously scared. This is what happened to the 3DS. By the end of the year, WiiU sales will soar.

    And Bob Summerwill: you should have kept your mouth shut. You’re just shooting yourself in the foot and digging your own grave at the same time. Pathetic.

  2. I’ve been watching this play as we all have and it has been interesting to say the least. This has been a argument that has been thrown away time and time again. “Nintendo should go software company and make games!” That may be some way of looking at it but looking at a from a gamer stand point I say they should not. One thing I look forward to Nintendo’s games are creativity. I’ve never played a Nintendo game twice! Meaning if you played a Nintendo game you always find something new and fun when a new Mario, Zelda, and Metroid comes out. Reason being is that they were specifically built to incorporate the new hardware (Not just added polygons). If I wanted to play a game with added specs and particles I would play it on PC. More and more games are being released on PC and for cheaper. If I want an added experience and not just a controller with add buttons I play on a Nintendo Console/Handheld. Overall, other consoles need Nintendo to shake things up because with them things would have gotten stale a long time ago.

  3. A few things
    -We’ve heard this all before with most recently being the 3ds with people saying Nintendo should just do tablet/smartphone games. Well very few say that now.
    -Nintendo did not learn their lesson from the 3DS. They needed a strong lineup and didn’t deliver. Of course that will change, but people will always complain.
    -Essel I have to disagree with you about EA games. Madden in particular you can’t duplicate since such a large feature is about playing as your favorite team or player. Then there is Star Wars which EA will be making all their games.

  4. We’ve already experienced in gaming history a “stronger” console that fell flat. The Atari Jaguar. 64 bit compared to the others’ 16 and 32 bit consoles. The amount of bits (power) was the main driving point of the console, and it failed pretty damn hard. Some people tend to forget this part of gaming history. It’s not about the power of the console.

  5. Really? EA’s Frostbite and Infinity engines can be easily duplicated… on console that has and out of date IBM CPU and an very drawn down Radeon GPU?

    The Wii U is the point of criticism from how Nintendo really made no distinction from the regular Wii. Same remotes can play even the regular games but the only difference now is a $140 motion capturing touchscreen controller that most games underutilize. Aside from the lack of innovation, consumers are much more willing to purchase regular Wii games. For good reason too, since there are only 48 released titles in which 32 are updated renditions of previous games. Furthermore, where is the fallout about lets plays? Nintendo turned on their own core gameers!

    We all know the Wii U is not selling as much as hoped but do we really know why? It came just before a new AAA generation of consoles, inferior hardware, other consoled did the same concept more efficiently and more convenient, lack of new IP, lack of innovation, still lacking new games, turned on their fan base to an already select market… the list just keeps going on and on. How- simply how- can you be so naive of your beloved console? Think an indy game is going to pull the Wii U out of the ashes? Low profit margins and the high risk makes that extremely unlikely.

  6. Tanner, I think Nintendo did learn their lesson from the 3DS. One of those lessons being that a console needs to be perfected. They are never flawless right out of the box. There needs to be time to discover the real world fails. I believe that releasing the console as early as they did, compared to the other two, puts them in the perfect position. They will be out almost a full year before the others and will be a much better system at that time (not that I think the Wii U is bad now). When the PS4 and Xbox are experiencing their growing pains, Nintendo will be feeling pretty good.

    As for Madden, Sure, playing as your favorite sports hero is a definite plus. However, if the right developer stepped in, a much more innovative game could be developed without the NFL’s backing. For example, let’s say that Company X developed a football game that was completely customizable. Let’s say that you had complete control over team names, uniform color/design, player names, Player stats, etc… You could essentially build a team based upon a current NFL line up, or assemble your dream team with players from multiple teams. Part of the fun would be the strategy involved in creating the team. Then, showing it off against your friends would be amazing. If your team was not as strong as you had hoped, you could go back to the drawing board and enhance your team more. Inputting current player stats would be a great starting point. Or, how about adding an RPG element/option? The players could start out with minimum stats and get better as you play. For example, completing 20 successful passes could level you up and increase your stats. Just a few ideas. Sure, it would not be well received by the hardcore Madden fans, but it could be very successful across all sports genres.

    As for Star Wars, I honestly believe that Disney will have the final say on which consoles that the games release on. Disney and Nintendo share some of the same values, so I would bet that we will see the games on the Wii U and/or 3DS. And let’s not forget that Nintendo has some inside connections to Disney.

    Lord Lemmy, Good point! It just proves that power does not equal success. There is a lot more to it.

    Loren, another great point. Nintendo is not afraid to try out new things. Too many times we see the others mimicking Ninty in one way or another (PS MOVE/Kinect and touch screen on the controller, like the PS4).

    Sophia, please note that I was referring to the Games themselves, not necessarily the engines. Although, Frostbite 2 did work on the Wii U, albeit poorly (Without any known attempt at tweaking it to be compatible. That is important, because as is, it was bound to fail due to different hardware compared to PS3 and 360{which both required some tweaking for it to work flawlessly} and they did not even attempt to use test Frostbite 3, so that is an unknown). I would argue that the Gamepad is the pinnacle of innovation for this generation. Sony has already copied it on a small scale on their controller by adding a touchscreen, and Microsoft is rumored to have a tablet in the works for the next console.

    As for the launch titles, we do have quite a few titles, as me mentioned. How many will the other two have after six months? And if they have considerably more, what will the quality be like?

    The Let’s Play deal was actually completely legitimate. Anyone that has a Youtube account has agreed to the terms and conditions which did state that videos which contain video game footage are not eligible for monetisation which suggests that Lets Play videos have been breaking the platforms guidelines for some time anyway. Nintendo could have had them all removed, but instead are allowing them remain active. I would speculate that other developers will follow suit in the future. As for the Indie Game market, with Nintendo’s backing, it is completely doable. Much like other start up businesses, Nintendo could offer some “start up capital” to the indie developers to guide them through the process. It is a win win for Nintendo and the devs. Nintendo gets a quality game that it wants, and the Devs gain notoriety among the big boys.

    Sorry for the long response, but I wanted to respond to everyone. Feel free to continue the conversation among one another. I love to hear the different viewpoints, as I am sure all of the readers do.

  7. I am sure that Nintendo will deliver awesome First-Party Software, but the current state of play with the Wii U does Worry me. The Wii made Nintendo a Bucket of Cash, and in many ways was a Massive Success, but the Low Production Costs meant Nintendo made from Selling the Actual Console, whereas most of the Time the Gaming companies take a hit on the Hardware, and make the Money on Software.

    The Problem is that Software Sales on the Wii were generally Pretty Bad, I think hearing once that there were only 1.4 Games Sold per Wii Console Sold which means that the Vast Majority of Wii Owners only ever brought one Games. The Problem was that the Wii wasn’t powerful enough for Direct Ports of Key Franchises like Call of Duty, and so was never the Console of choice for the Masses.

    What Concerns me is that if Wii U isn’t as Powerful as the next Generation of PlyStation and XBox, the same will occur, Second Rate or no Port, poor Software Sales, although this Time the Wii U has a High Production Cost and Nintendo by themselves won’t be able to sustain the Format.

    The Sega Tie Up is obviously Good News, and a couple of the Forthcoming Exclusives like P101, Bayonetta 2 and Monster Hunter should help the Cause, but Nintendo need another couple of Strong Online Titles that will build a Community to help the Cause. Here’s hoping for the that Retro Developed Shooter that will take on COD, and after the Prime series, could still be Metroid!

  8. Nintendo is apparently continuing their own business strategy of not courting the 3rd party publishers. If they really wanted EA games, they could work harder with EA to secure a deal. Only time will tell if this strategy works for Nintendo, or not. Hopefully, Nintendo can still get enough games on the Wii U to make the console unique and also family friendly. Let’s face it, Nintendo consoles and handhelds are “safe” for kids and parents like that when it comes to Xmas time and buying consoles.

    The biggest negativity problem that Nintendo faces is this new assault on ad revenue from Youtubers on the walkthrough and “Let’s play” videos. I fully understand that Nintendo has every right to get the ad revenue, but this is causing a major public relations debacle. Also, the Nintendo youtube community has been loyal to Nintendo and defends them and gives them free advertising.

    Be very concerned about the youtube backlash on this one!

  9. To me, the Wii U was and is still a bit of a disappointment, mainly for its lack of games, but also due to the hardware. I really hoped that it was going to be more powerful than the current gen of consoles, and at least on par, but it seems that may not even be the case.

    But I still like it. The Gamepad is awesome, off TV play is great. Miiverse is phenomenal. And the potential for great gaming is all here.

    We need to see some big hitting first party games now. And lots of them. And we need an account based system. Nintendo need more deals than just this Sonic deal with Sega, but most importantly it needs them now. Not at e3. Not after e3. Not next year. Now. Because I don’t think with only promises again of the content coming that the Wii U will gain momentum with the next round of consoles about to hit. This whole time by itself as the first cab off the rank has been squandered.

  10. I enjoy posts from Essel, but this one strikes me as more “fanboy” than objective observer. There are far too many “I think” and “maybe” statements here. Let’s stick to the facts.

    First, let’s not blame the gaming world – the fault is with Nintendo. It’s their job to create products that have mass appeal, and that didn’t happen with the Wii U. I welcome the criticism – hopefully it drives them to be better.

    Next, no consumer should accept being a guinea pig after paying full price. You weren’t a beta tester – you paid top dollar at launch. The staggering size and volume of OS updates is something I’d expect from Apple, not Nintendo. I learned my lesson with the 3DS, you simply don’t buy Nintendo products at launch, which is a huge issue for the company.

    Most importantly, let’s stop comparing the Wii U to the 3DS. The 3DS sold poorly on launch due to lack of games, not because of any issues with the hardware. The 3DS is a perfect evolution of the DS – same dual screen system, essentially the same button configuration, but a more powerful system with much better graphics. Not much changes for the developer either – heck you can still make the games without 3D capabilities if you want.

    The Wii U is not an evolution – the primary difference with the Wii is the gamepad. So Nintendo went from “You’re the controller”, to “You’re still the controller, but now you need to look down sometimes. But not all of you, just one. You can also play offline, but again, not all of you.”

    So the thing that sold the Wii – a great communal system with a simple interface anyone can play – is not what will sell the Wii U.

    The other thing stacked against the Wii U is that it won’t be as powerful as the next console from Sony and Microsoft. The 3DS does not suffer from this – no one sees the Vita as “better” than the 3DS.

    So why does Nintendo keep putting themselves in this situation? Why is this the third straight console that is less powerful than its competitors? I’ve always been Nintendo only, but this system has me looking at options.

    Nintendo’s IP is still the best out there, but considering how rarely we get Smash Brothers and Zelda titles, is it really worth it anymore? The company seems more confused than ever.

  11. The console had only been ourt for six months people. To all you complainers out there, shut up. give it time. The games will come. By the way, I just saw the new xbox one revela, it is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. xobx one? what the hel does the one stand for? talk about misleading the market. the oringinal xbox was called xbos one. Microsoft will be the weakest nex gen console. This generation will be a tie between the PS4 adn the Wii U. Screw Microsoft, The onley things tha tmake smoney for them is Halo. I hate you, microsfot. You are the ones who should just make software. That;s my rant for the day.

  12. by the way, Fuck Obama!!!!!!!!!

  13. First of all, I know what company is not getting anymore of my money. Not because he said something bad about Nintendo but you just don’t say shit like that. That’s like showing up to a job interview with a highway 420 hat on. JUST PLAIN DUMB. Anyway people, you forget that Nintendo is not a new company. They’ve been around a while and I think we just need to calm the hell down and put our trust in the best video game company on this planet. I think they know what they are doing. Plus wasn’t the Wii a huge flop for the first year or so??

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