Would You Play Your 3DS Games On Your Wii U?

The Rift

What if you could play your 3DS games on your Wii U?  Would it appeal to you?

David Delisle knew the possibility was out there.  The Game Pad would act as the bottom touch screen, and the TV would act as the top screen.  So, he developed a device that he calls the EDS.  Similar to the adapter that allowed Gameboy cartridges to be played on the Super Game Boy, this device would connect to the Wii U via USB, and allow gamers to pop in their favorite 3DS cartridge.  Of course, the games would not appear in 3D, but it would give another option to play those games.  Especially, if you do not own a 3DS.


Although Mr. Delisle has imagined this device, only time will tell if it ever sees full development.  I, for one, would love to see this.  I have concerns that the top screen might appear distorted on a large tv, however it should be possible to scale it down a bit.

What are your thoughts?

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