10 things Nintendo needs to get right on their next console


With the launch of the 3DS getting closer, it got me thinking of what I want in my new Nintendo console and eventual Wii replacement. I’ll be the first person in the room to tell you the Wii is a great console, but I’m certainly going to be the first person in line at Best Buy when they start selling whatever it is that Nintendo has up their sleves to be the successor to the Wii.

That being said, here is what I want from Nintendo for my next console (besides the holograms…oh that’s not offical yet?):

#1 Rechargeable controller batteries
Tell me Nintendo, why do I have to go to Nyko or Energizer to get my going green on? Can we all just agree that spending a small fortune on batteries each year is a bad thing. You got that Nintendo, BAD!

#2 Patchable games
Ok I’m with you in agreeing that lots of developers have taken advantage of the ability to patch their games by releasing games that are borderline broken knowing that they have the ability to fix it later on down the line with a patch. My argument to this is a bad game is bad forever.  Oh, and I won’t have to send in any SD cards to get my save fixed.

#3 Optical Audio out
Or at least SOME way for me to listen to my games on my 5.1 surround sound.  No I’m not talking about that Dolby Pro Logic garbage, give me the real deal!

#4 Better ‘shop channel’ experience
There is absolutely no other way to put this, looking for a game on the Wii or DS’s respective shop channels is a horrible experience at best.  It’s slow. It’s hard to find out what other people think of the game.  There are hardly any demos so I can try before I buy. Oh and it’s slow.  Here’s an idea for you Nintendo, just copy everything Amazon does right now and apply it to my next console ‘mkay?

#5 Better online experience
I have never attempted to play an online Wii game ever since March of 2008 when I tried for hours to get a random game going in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, only to realize that it was a problem that was never going to be fixed.  There are loads of problems with the current state of playing a game online on a Nintendo console. Hopefully, Nintendo means it when they say they already know.

#6 No more plastic crap
I have got guitars, drums, racing wheels, and zappers galore.  I actually don’t need anymore stuff to shove in my drawers, thanks!

#7 A use for my HDTV
Ok so in 2006 I was inclined to agree with you in saying not many households had HDTVs, as I was hunched over my 12 inch CRT and liking it.  Now that I have 42 inches of pure LCD I want to see every bit of Mario that I can.

#8 Connectivity
One of my favorite video game experiences of the last decade have been when  three of my friends and myself would gather a Gamecube and four Gameboys to play The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.  Imagine how great connectivity in an Animal Crossing title could be.

#9 Digital content transfer
If I can’t copy or at least transfer my games I spent all those Nintendo point cards on, I won’t be happy.  If the next console doesn’t involve Wii-like controller I can understand if my Wiiware games won’t work, but if I have to buy Super Mario Bros. one more time I swear…

#10 Virtual Boy compatibility
I think it’s the least Nintendo could do for all of us that walked into Target and told their parents that that was the only thing they wanted for their birthday.

What did I miss?  Anything else the new system needs to have for it to be an instant buy for you?

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. hmmmm. well if they are allwoing game transfers on 3ds i bet they will for the wii sequel.

    its so funny that mario kart and brawl had pretty good online support but then no other first or second party games did. whats up with nintendo and online?

  2. Thoughts about the Wii 2 have been bugging me for a while, especially since the 3DS is so close to being on the market. Therefore I have compiled a list of things that the Wii 2 must have once it is revealed.


    The Wii 2 must have four to eight GB of internal flash memory. Flash memory has cheapened enough that including no less that four Gigabytes of internal memory seems reasonable for Nintendo to include.

    Internal HDD support (2.5 SATA). Nintendo will not provide a hard drive for the Wii 2 themselves, but they will leave it up to the consumer to buy their own hard drive from a third party (Maxtor, Toshiba, Seagate, Western Digital, etc.).

    The Wii 2 must also have external storage support (USB flash and HDD) though its USB ports. Consumers will be able to utilize the USB ports of the Wii 2 to use external storage devices for back up.

    SD card slot retained from the first Wii.


    Nintendo’s game design philosophy is that graphics are secondary to game play. However, Nintendo knows that SD graphics are becoming extinct, so they will move onto High Definition gaming for the Wii 2 with a resolution support up to 1080p. It would be easier for Nintendo to make the jump from Wii to 360 then from the Wii to PS3. Although Nintendo will utilize cheaper components to make the leap in graphics similar to the way the 3DS is a cheaper take on the PSP’s technology..

    Right now the cost of 3D televisions is too cost prohibitive for Nintendo to include 3D in their next console, but it might be cheap to include it in the Wii 2 and if the price of 3D TVs fall in the next five years then Nintendo could just open 3D up via firmware and have a 3D home console like the 3DS.

    Advanced 1:1 motion controls. Take the concept of the motion plus and advance it further. This controller system would be Nintendo taking on Sony’s Move controller with better technology..
    Wireless Classic Controller Pro with rumble. Taking a queue from Sony and Microsoft’s controllers, Nintendo releases an update of the Classic controller pro that is wireless with rumble capabilities.

    Wireless motion controllers similar to the Move controller, but with an IR sensor. The Wii 2 nunchuck would feature rumble as well.
    Form Factor
    Form factor similar to the Xbox 360. If the Wii 2 is going to have HD graphics, Nintendo will have to make the system bigger than the current Wii system. The form factor of the Wii 2 would be similar in size and scale to the 360 slim, but instead of a disc tray, the Wii 2 would have a disc slot like the Wii console.

    Touch sensitive buttons. The 360 slim has touch sensitive buttons, and Nintendo loves touch sensitization, so instead pressing the power, reset or eject buttons on the front of the Wii 2, all you have to do is run your finger across the button to activate its function.

    The form factor of the Wii 2 would include three USB ports for accessories and external storage devices and built-in HDMI and Ethernet port to supplement bandwidth for online games.

    Optical Format
    Nintendo has invested millions into holographic storage for a number of years now, but what ever disc media that is simultaneously cheap to manufacture and hard to pirate, Nintendo will adopt it in a hot minute. This leads to three possible formats for the Wii 2 to use: First, the Wii 2 could be Nintendo’s first system where the holographic disc storage is implemented. Second, Nintendo could adopt the HD-DVD format. Although HD-DVD is an extinct format, Nintendo could easily gain the technology for a reasonable price and since the technology did not take off very well, Nintendo could take advantage of the lack of HD-DVD burners to thwart piracy. Third, Nintendo could return to cartridges. This would cut down on piracy and load times for the console and since the technology is now cheaper than before, mass producing the games would be cheaper and safer. Also, returning to cartridges would allow the system to be built smaller and operate quieter.


    All Nintendo fans detest the friend code system, so instead of individual codes for each game, Nintendo gives each system its own code, or Universal friend codes, and any multiplayer game played on that system uses that same code to link up to other players. Problem solved, right?

    Online structure to better accommodate DLC, MMO and multiplayer (see Universal friend codes). There is a robust online system for both the PS3 and 360, and this is something that the Wii is lacking. The Wii 2 will have to turn this around. The Wii 2 should be home to a number of good MMO and at the same time allow third parties to deliver down loadable content to consumers.

    Wireless head set support for multiplayer games. The PS3 and 360 both have head set support, and arguably the Wii has Wii speak, but the head set system for the Wii 2 must support all multiplayer games with little to static.


    Netflix and Hulu subscriptions in HD. The Netflx account of the Wii 2 would also allow movies to be purchased and stored onto the Wii 2 as channels like games.
    Wii Shop Channel: Virtual Console and Wiiware
    Dreamcast, Saturn and possibly Gamecube virtual console.

    If the Gamecube is not on virtual console, then Gamecube controller and memory card ports should be retained for backwards compatibility.

    Transfer of virtual console and wiiware via Club Nintendo account. All a gamer would have to do is remove their account from the Wii and then reactivate it onto the Wii 2 to make the games transition over to the new console.

    Wii shop channel upgrade to include faster download speeds and a shopping cart and wish list features. This system would be similar to one such as Amazon where a purchaser can read reviews about a certain game and even watch demo videos to determine whether the game is worth buying. Also, games from the Wii shop channel should be allowed to be down loaded in bulk to lower back tracking.

  3. i want blu ray as well.
    and some 3-d features as more people get 3d tvs.

  4. Nintendo will never adopt blu ray as their disc format because it would mean that they would have to bow down to Sony and that will never happen. What I see them doing is developing a modified DVD, adopting HD-DVD or returning to cartridges. Nintendo has been funneling money into holographics disc storage technology, which is similar to the blu ray technology.

  5. “I’ll be the first person in the room to tell you the Wii is a great console, but I’m certainly going to be the first person in line at Best Buy when they start selling whatever it is that Nintendo has up their sleves to be the successor to the Wii.” Not if I sleep in front of Best Buy the night before!!! lol.

    Great points made by you and Kytim89, I really don’t have much to add. I hope Nintendo reads this.

    I think they recently made a small step in the right direction with the DSi, we can finally search for a game by title name, like the Wii. Still the current setup is too confusing for the new gamers and great games are getting lost in the shuffle.

  6. Double post fail. On the topic of changing physical game format, I always thought about going back to a card like Turbo-Grafx16. A card that size today should be able to hold some pretty large games.

  7. I tend to agree with most things said here but, the online experience, at least for me, in Europe, works perfectly fine, I´m talking Mario Kart and The Conduit only, but I had great fun with those

  8. All very good points and will bring Nintendo up to par with Sony & MS. I’m Nintendo will do most those stuff. I’m still sticking to my gun when I say we will get glimpse of Nintendo’s next console this year.

  9. I think Nintendo is going to try to make the Wii 2 smaller than the Wii. So I doubt things like HDDs. Rechargeable controllers and better online capabilities are my two “demands”. Everything else I can take or leave with the quality of software Nintendo makes but those two things I’d like more than anything else.

  10. I’m not sure about the rechargable controller. If your are talking about having an internal battery that can’t be easily replaced (like PS3 controllers), that would effectively transform the controlled into a wired controller while it’s charging. And that raises 2 obvious problems:
    1. You wouldn’t be able to play motion controlled games.
    2. I’m too used to wireless controllers now, I don’t want to return to the old days.

    About #6, that’s up to you. I mean, I never bought any kind of plastic guitar or zapper.

  11. “Tell me Nintendo, why do I have to go to Nyko or Energizer to get my going green on? Can we all just agree that spending a small fortune on batteries each year is a bad thing. You got that Nintendo, BAD!”

    They make rechargeable batteries. Use them. Problem solved.

  12. As for the size of the Wii 2, I have been speculating on this for a while. There is no way that it will be the same size or smaller than the Wii if anyone wants it to be HD. Therefore the console will have to be either the same size as the slim models of the PS3 and 360. I honestly see the Wii 2 looking like a modern day lap top, minus the hinges.

    I want to see how well the security measure for the 3DS hold up against pirates before I make my final decision on supporting the Wii 2 returning to cartridges. However, what would this do for backwards compatibility for Wii and Gamecube? Chances are that Nintendo would have to ditch it for emulation and that would piss off all the Wii owners and Nintendo would find themselves in a situation not unlike that of Sony.

    If the Wii 2 were to launch, I would really want to see No More Heroes 3 and Red Steel 3 as third party launch titles that show off the power of the upgraded motion controls.

  13. cartridges!!?? really? i think thats step backwards? isnt it? unless im missing an advantage from them, apart from cost mayby, ds has cards and thats still expensive so doubt thatll lower anything aha

    other than that i agree with everything else, the online and power needs a massive kick up the bum, and then theres bound to a special gimmick no one else has ever done thatll make the wii 2 amazing, its what nintendo always do.

  14. no way I want a built in rechargeable battery! I use energizer recghargeable AAs, works great, can use the controller after the batteries die, just swap em.

  15. Voice command support. Nintendo needs to stay in the forefront of user interface. Games being partially controlled by voice that is reliable. Voice to text in game applications.

    Also do away with the tv style remote and give us power gloves that are so sensitive it can detect complete movements of all 10 digits as well as arm and wrist movements.

    I just wish there was a way nintendo could push holographic gaming instead of this fake 3d, but I just don’t see how. What I’m looking for on their next machine is some never before seen innovative features, and an innovative name to go along with it. As long as it’s not called Wii 2 I’ll be happy.

  16. Also after seeing a new motorolla phone that connects to a laptop shell, it gave me an idea. Video game systems could go this route too. A nintendo portable docks into a console shell blurring the lines of console and portable. Play on it your tv, and pull it out for on the go gaming. One system. It’s a possibility at least. Something that could realistically happen in the near future.

  17. Keep the AA batteries! Holograms? mmm…Star Wars chess launch game anyone??

  18. The console shell could have some additional hardware as well that could boost the gaming capabilities of the handheld.

  19. @ mrredstuff

    Before I discuss several good reason for why Nintendo might return to cartridges for their next console I want to point out that back during the N64 era developing for cartridges was too cost prohibitive for third party developers to put their games onto. This is why Nintendo lost their dominance with the N64 era and Nintendo mainly went for optical media not because they wanted to, but becasue they had to do it. If cartridges were as cheap then as they are now then Nintendo would have never took on DVDs with their last two consoles. However, the digitization of gaming will most likely replace all physical media within the next ten years.

    Here is a list of reasons for why the Wii 2 could have cartridges:

    There is very little loading time
    Cheapness of production
    Higher security measures: Piracy of optical media versus cartridges
    Stotrage: There are flash cards that can hold as much memory as a dual-layered DVD
    Smaller game cases
    Easier heat disipation
    Lower production costs
    The console would gain immortality in regards to breaking parts. SNES longevity versus 360 for example.

    Here is a list of reason for why the Wii 2 will never have cartridges:

    Backwards compatibility with Wii and Gamecube would be nixed.
    Third parties might see it as a step backwards and refuse to adopt the format.

    Also, keep in mind that in some technical sense the Wii is a cartridge system. The SD card slot could be looked upon as a slot for cartridges. Let’s assume that the virtual console games were actually stored upon the SD card then one could store a game such as Star Fox 64 by itself on a single card and then decorate it with the games logo or picture. Do this for every game and you have a new era of cartridge games.

  20. Gee, it sure is a good thing that none of us here are actually working on the Wii 2. Because if we were, it would be a disaster! ^_^ Look, we all like to fantasize about the future. But it all boils down to how Nintendo will make the Wii 2 as unique, appealing, and unexpected as possible. Heck, just look at the 3DS! Was anyone expecting that? I think a while back, some dude from the Metroid Other M staff (producer maybe?) said that, “When Nintendo releases their successor to the Wii, the world will be shocked!” Just hearing those words puts me at ease, because I know that what Nintendo has in store for us is something very, very special…

  21. To be fair, none of these ideas would harm the Wii by themselves, if used alongside whatever unique ideas Nintendo was planning. Just because they want to surprise people doesn’t mean they should ignore any decent ideas people other than those working for their company come up with.

    I think the author however forgets one thing about the whole… Wii accessory affair, and that’s that most of them aren’t by Nintendo in the first place. If you want to blame anyone for pointless accessories and controller shells, the third parties are about as equally to blame.

  22. STOP WITH THE OLD-GEN TO NEW-GEN PORTS. All Mario related games are not ‘new’. Mario Kart! Damn! It’s just playing all other Mario Karts but collected on one media. Reminds me of the 100-in-1 game they used to make. Come to think of it – CALL OF DUTY = MARIO.

  23. One thing that worries me about the Wii 2 is whther it will suffer the same fate as the Gamecube. The Gamecube was the second most powerful system of its time, but raw power was not enough to attract third parties to the extent of their support on the PS2 and Xbox, nor was Nintendo’s reputation enough tp attract more potential buyers of their console. What I mean by this is that just having high definition graphics alone will not make the Wii 2 successful.

    What really killed the Gamecube in terms of market share was several reasons. First, the system had poor online features that were never fully utilized by Nintendo and third parties. Only a few titles used the online of the system. Second, the disc media was too small for third parties to use so they had to water down certain games. Compare the 1.5 Gigabyte mini-DVDs for the Gamecube versus the 8.5 Gigabyte DVD for the PS2. Third, the appearance of the system made it hard to take the Gamcube seriously as a place for hardcore gaming. The lunch box shape conveyed a family friendly image that turned gamers towards the more mature looking PS2 and Xbox systems.

    However, Nintendo can dodge the Gamecube’s fate by adopting better online features for their nect home console. I do not expect them to go all out like Sony or Microsoft, but they must adopt industry standards. This is prudent for capturing stronger third party and consumer support, which is something that Nintendo’s consoles have had a deficit of since the N64 days. Nintendo must also enhance its motion controller. They have already sold the world on motion controlled gaming, but I want to see more from Nintendo. Lastly, Nintendo needs to put some teeth and claws on the Wii 2. What I mean by this is that it should not look too family friendly in order to appease hardcore audiences.

    Another thing that worries me about the Wii 2 is will the market welcome another HD console. The heardest thing Nintendo ill have to convince to the world with the Wii 2 is why it needs a third HD console. I have this feeling that the Wii 2 could give a refeshing feeling to the industry while at the same time kind of making people feel burned out because they have seen everything the the PS3 and 360.

    To get back to the Wii 2 comparison to the Gamecube, If the Wii 2 were to stand out amongst the PS360, it would remind me of how the Gamecube went toe to toe with its competition. Third party games were farely interchangable bwtween the Xbox, Gamecube and PS2. This would be the situation with the Wii 2 . I mean I would love to have Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 and Legendo Zelda, along with Mario on the same console. As strange as this might be, I find this the most exciting reason why I am looking forward to the Wii 2.

  24. Personally, I’m fine with the wii right now. I have so many games that I still enjoy and I need to save money to move out. If the wii 2 comes out I will just stick with my wii untill it breaks down.

    The only thing that would change my mind is games.
    I kept playing my gamecube untill 2007,
    And no not just because wii’s were always sold out lol

  25. I have two big ones

    1) keep gamecube ports (I love the gamecube pad and my arcade stick is for the cube) and gamecube compatability but allow gamecube games to be played with ANY controller (classic, whatever works)

    2) install a middleware that allows you to customize your button configuration across EVERY VIRTUAL CONSOLE GAME! I got burned when I bought Fatal Fury Special but the controls were completely wonky!

  26. I disagree with the re-chargeable batteries supplied by Nintendo. I prefer the AA batteries for the Wii remote and xbox 360 controllers because I buy my own AA rechargeable batteries and use them. Also, I get the advantage of being able to use my AA batteries for other devices. Another advantage is that I can simply re-place them in the wii-mote with a newly charged set of AA batteries and keep on gaming. Whereas, with PS3 controllers, you have to plug in in, and then you are no longer wireless.

  27. The Wii 2 launch line up should consist of good titiles, which should include:

    Timesplitters 4
    Kirby’s Epic Yarn 2
    Goldeneye 007 2
    Conduit 3
    Red Steel 3
    No More Heroes 3
    Donky Kong Country Returns 2
    Super Mario Galaxy 3

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