Poll: What’s your favorite non-Nintendo system?



  1. tough call between 360 and pc. i prefer pc controls but 360 takes up more of my time since my couch is so comfy and my hd tv is so nice.

    but this summer…. away from an hd tv… and it’s all pc.

  2. Before Steam, my preferred order of gaming would have been:


    After Steam I’m afraid that neither the Wii or Gamecube even crack the top 20.

    My son on the other hand would be:


  3. I have to say PS3. Most “hardcore” games are released on both systems, with the PS3 looking better, and I really use the hell out of it for the BluRay player aspect.

  4. None? iphone?

  5. If it doesn’t say Nintendo on it, I won’t touch it ;o).

  6. And Mac of course. ; )

  7. 1 xbox 360 call of duty mw2 frist on the xbox
    2 wii
    3 3ds
    4 pc
    5 i guess ps3 the only good thing about is bulray it sucks

  8. 1 xbox 360 yes CDMW2 only in the 360
    2 pc
    3 psp
    4 ps3

  9. I’m for Nintendo ALL the way, but if I had to choose a favorite non-nintendo console, I’d go with the 360. Honestly, it’s the only one 7 out of 8 of my friends own. Wii is probably half of my friends, and I only have one friend with a PS3, so that’s probably 1 out of… 30 or so?

  10. The only reason I wouldn’t choose the PC would be because I don’t use it for games, only for “researching” games for Wii and DS… and occasional you-tube-ing…

  11. My PS3 and 360 are tied.
    I use my PS3 mostly for online games (it is free, so…) and for “aimed-games” (a game worth buying the system for).
    I use my 360 to play “mediocre-great” titles (mostly FPS games that are amazing, but it isn’t my favorite genre – – – – there’s also sandbox games, they’re great to F around in).

    Neither system is my #1 system as I play most of them in a “trance”. I’m not fully aware of anything around me. You’d think that’s a good thing (immersion and all), buuuut I actually like striking up conversations with my girlfriend while playing (I can only do that in Halo games).

    PC? I only use it for RTS games. And as much as I love RTS games, and legal modding of RTS games (games that have that option open and encouraged)… it is only one genre I like in it. Simulation games too! But I only play them for a week per month.

    There is the PSP… buuut I actually don’t like it. I love the games in it, I just can’t get into playing it for countless hours because how it “feels”. I prefer the DS for that.

    But the Wii is my #1 system right now. Limited amount of games, but I replay them like crazy and have the most fun with it when with other people. 🙂 …nothing like playing with people next to you – (or if online): Nothing like having non-360elitists/PS3-projerks players! 😀 …such a much more friendly crowd (though the PS3 crowd is kinda’ close).

  12. Wow I’m shocked that PC is winning, but glad that it is for non-Nintendo.

  13. 1 PC (Engineer Update FTW!)
    2 Wii (All homebrew’d up for many reasons)
    3 DSi (So many great games for a handheld)
    4 Gamecube (It has dust, but still throughly enjoyed)
    5 Genesis (My second, and favorite game console. Still works too!)

    My first console was a Atari, possibly the 2500, it was wood paneled, big, and the cartridges looked like the NES’s. It just up and died for no reason after a year or two of light use.

  14. It would have been a PS3 if it hadn’t taken Sony three damn years to make it a viable gaming console!

  15. Mac + Steam = awesomesauce

  16. Wii and DS are a big part of my gaming, I may use my pc from time to time but Im mainly a nintendo man. not because I’m a fan boy but because most of nintendos games are easy to pick up and put down.

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