If you have a PC, put Trine 2 on your radar

In case you missed it last year, Trine was a sweet little platform game for PC. Its controls aren’t as tight as Mario, I admit, but it’s still a “fun, magical-looking, and well-told game that’s easily worth the $20 sticker price.”

Since the PC is by far your second favorite platform, I thought you guys might enjoy it as well, especially the upcoming second game (shown).

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  1. Jonkind says:

    Yeah i have Trine for PS3. It’s begging for motion control at times.

  2. Jonkind says:

    And by motion I mean pointer controls ala Wiimote or Move (I guess).

  3. gamecollector44 says:

    Is the Move actually any good? Like, any improvements off of the Wii? Or is it another doppleganger?

  4. Skotski says:

    The Move is an improvement, however there are those who say the Move’s pointer wasn’t made for FPS games and that the Wiimote’s pointer feels better for it.
    However, it’s about the games at this point.
    Despite the Move being great, their sports games being more accurate than the Wii’s sports games… it all depends on your taste of games.

    Honestly? I like WiiSports Resort better due to the Miis and bright colorful areas. That, and it had dog-fighting and swordplay (more importantly: Showdown).

    There’s nothing on the Move yet that makes one blow up with love for it… though it DEFINITELY IS an improvement on motion controls!
    Really, all one should be itchin’ to get for it is the eyePet.
    Which is actually pretty darn impressive.

    Those who are dropping their Wiis and worshiping the Move are doing it rather prematurely… remember folks: It all depends on how the devs use the motion controls, not the actual accuracy of the control (WarioWare: Smooth Moves proved that the Wiimote without the Motion+ could do a ton of things … yet NO ONE EVER IMPLEMENTED THOSE CONTROLS ON ANY OTHER GAME).(and yes, WW:SM’s controls are like WiiSports’ control: They cheated by implementing them to feel smooth despite actually just reacting to restrictions: But that SHOWS it can still do much more as long as work is put into it)

  5. Richard says:

    This game looks beautiful! I’m definitely going to look into this one!

  6. srkelley says:

    Yes, the original is still a good game. It has one of the most enjoyable and fanciful openings of any game that I’ve ever played. It’s very simple, but it teaches you the basics quickly while providing story and a reason behind one of the games main points. When I originally played it, I thought the entire game would just be the opening being extended in a groundhog day type loop with a new character and expanded gameplay each time. That would’ve worked just as well as the actual story itself. Love it! Will be getting this game later in the year after I get my hands on Sonic 4.

  7. InvisibleMan says:

    I’ve had this one on my radar for a while… but for my Xbox 360! It’s supposed to come to LIVE Arcade next year.

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