It’s official: PC is Infendo’s favorite non-Nintendo system


Multiple sources today confirmed that has named the “personal computer” the best gaming system not made by Nintendo.

“I just sorta posted the poll on a whim, and the readers responded in-kind,” said Blake, Infendo publisher and chief Boss Hog. “We had like a bajillion respondents.”

In truth, only 524 readers participated as of today. But whatever.

When asked why the PC won, resident fanboy Jack explained, “The PC is a great way to play high definition and indie games without a console surcharge, online subscription, or limited library of games. And thanks to Valve’s Steam (get it?), the platform is totally awesome in a ‘come play if you like discounted games and hate DRM’ sort of way.”

With 26 percent of the vote, the PS3 come in close second, thanks to being the only console that’s getting The Last Guardian. The Xbox 360 positioned itself as an even closer third with 24 percent of the vote. One in five Infendo readers claim to play “Wii only, baby!”

For more information on PC gaming, see here. If you’re upset the DS didn’t make the list, remember the poll implied non-portable systems only. (Like that should matter anyways.)


  1. Speaking of DRM, I know it has something to do with Data Rights Managment, but what exactly does it restrict?

  2. steam is awesome. so easy and convenient. and i love that it does all the installation and digitally stores my games. now if only hl2 ep 3 would come out….

  3. “One in five Infendo readers claim to play “Wii only, baby!”

    So four out five Infendo readers suck? I kid, I kid (or do I?).

  4. Many would agree that a PC+Wii is the best combo of all the systems.
    You get the top-notch and huge library of games on the PC, and you get the truly unique not-found-anywhere-else games on the Wii.

    Having a PC+360/PS3 ONLY combo is like having one PC and one not-so-awesome PC that has a few exclusives.

    However, owning ALL OF THEM is completely different story… Because owning all of them means you’re in it for the games all the way.
    ……I need to fix my PC so I can play my games on them again. 🙁

  5. My girlfriend has that alienware labtop its a badass computer

  6. I just started using Steam a few days ago and I love it. I have already downloaded Half-Life 2 and I plan to download Batman: Arkham Asylum soon. I love the free games and demos, and I love the fact that you can sync your progress with Cloud so you can pick up where you left off on any computer. Go Valve!

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