What if Garry’s Mod and Mother 3 had a Baby?
It would be something like this, oh wait, this is real and playable!


Recently during my gaming exploits I heard some talk about a Mother 3 game for Garry’s Mod. For those of you who don’t know Garry’s mod is a game on steam that runs off the source engine where people can create their own applications or games using the source engine in conjunction with their own code built in Lua.

Yet, what is truly amazing about this Mother 3 game mod, called Chimera Hunt, is that it features fully rendered characters and a stage from the game.


You might be asking yourself why this is so amazing? Well, it is because Mother 3 was originally a game for the Nintendo 64, but then was turned into a 2D Game Boy Advance game. So we never really got a chance to see what the game would of been like in 3D, but Chimera Hunt allows us to get a glimpse at what it could of been like with next gen graphics.


Chimera Hunt is a game that puts you in control of either the Ultimate Chimera, the monster that is a mix of various animals and a sweet innocent yellow duck, who can kill anything in one bite, or, a lowly soldier from the Pigmask army.


Your goal to either bite all the Pigmask soldiers, or shut down the Ultimate Chimera by pressing a button on it’s back; it’s one weakness.


While the game is really simple, a round lasting anywhere from ten seconds to three minutes. It’s quite fun, and the fact that it’s based on the Mother 3 universe makes it all the better.


If you are interested in the game and own Garry’s Mod on steam, you can download the game below.


P.S. Watch out for the person playing the Chimera, or try to shut him off if you dare.

[Download Chimera Hunt (Steam+Garry’s Mod required)]

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