What do you think about the Current Gen?

Today, one of my friends sent me a website they came across. This website allows you to search and compare information from various search engines. It calculates how people refer to your search term as a positive, negative, or neither and displays it in a bar graph. So, I decided to search what the internet thinks about the current video game consoles. The results I got were pretty shocking, so I ...

Review – Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 2The Siege of Spinner Cay

As we last left off in the Tales of Monkey Island; lots of pirating went down on Flotsam Island and Guybrush now has a new ship called the Screaming Narwahl. He’s a man with a mission, as not only does he have to rescue his wife Elaine from the clutches of the evil pirate LeChuck, but he has to find a legendary sponge to cleanse him of  an evil voodoo pox. As This pox was released during a ...

Youtube Tuesday: TF2 meets Donkey Kong

I’m a huge fan of Team Fortress 2, a FPS shooter published by Valve. One of the reasons I love the game so much is that you can come across so many custom made stages that are fun and refreshing. Here is a custom stage that is almost a replica of the first stage of the Donkey Kong arcade game. Have any suggestions or videos for YouTube Tuesday? Send them in at tips@infendo.com

La-Mulana is Adventuring to WiiWare in Winter

La-Mulana is a side scrolling platformer that was released back in 2005 for the PC. The game features a mixture of ‘bit’ graphics and an interface that is inspired by MSX games. La-Mulana is one of those traditional action-adventure games that will punish the player if they make a wrong move and is very reminiscent of the Castlevania and Metroid games. [via Nigoro | Nicalis | La-Mulana...

Review – Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwahl

One of the more interesting announcements around the time of E3 was the return of the great Monkey Island series.  Not only is it back, but it’s being done as a monthly episodic game by Telltale and will be out for WiiWare as well!  I got to play the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island for PC and it definitely upholds the Monkey Island name.