Pokemon online, a Battle simulator

While searching online for more information relating to the new Pokémon series, White and Black, I came across a website called Pokemon Online. Pokemon Online is a downloadable program that allows you to have pokemon battles on your PC with people all over the world… according to their description.

This is the most up to date Pokemon Battle Simulator that allows a person to experience real time Pokemon battles against Pokemon players from all over the globe. Its created using the programming language C++ and its currenly running in beta stage.

The game play is not at all sophisticated but very much related to the original Pokemon game. Furthermore, it has got an explicit ranking system, tiers and a user friendly interface which fulfills the need of all the competitive players out there today. It even allows a player to battle and chat simultaneously.

It seems like a good idea, but I’m sure Nintendo will be shutting them down sooner or later. Yet, has anyone tried this simulator, and does it sound like something Nintendo should release themselves?

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