Trainers, Go!

The Pokémon 2012 International Challenge is underway! Registration is over, and the competition officially began yesterday. Running until the 26th of March, it gives trainers a chance to utilize Pokémon from every generation in a double battle format. Time to break out those winning strategies (or be crushed by them).

Granted, this kind of free-for-all tournament is a far cry from tiered, organized competition, but it’s still nice to see Nintendo and The Pokémon Company offering us a chance to strut our stuff from the comfort of our own homes. Remember when we all had to be in the same room with Link Cables in tow to partake in opportunities like this? Pokémon has come a long way, and just imagine how far it can still go. Who honestly thought this sort of thing would be possible when they were training their Charmanders, Squirtles, and Bulbasaurs back in Red and Blue Versions? How long until we can utilize AR cards in local or even online battles and see fights unfold in real(ish) life? It’s a great time to be a Pokémon fan.

But, back to the tournament. I know I’ll be battling nonstop tonight, my Flame Orb, Facade, Guts Swellow on the front line…but what about everyone else? Share your strategies, your favorite entered Pokémon, your frustration because you forgot to register, anything! What are your thoughts on this whole tournament business?

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