Wii U

Impressions: Shield Pose

Out of all the game demos available for Wii U at this week’s E3, I hope that Shield Pose is the one to become a retail release because of it’s unique rhythm based gameplay. The basic premise of the title was a simple one; you must use the Wii U tablet controller as a shield to block incoming suction-cup  arrows from the onscreen pirate characters. To achieve the highest possible sc...

Impressions: Ghost Recon Online

Ghost Recon Online was the only Wii U, title on display that truly showed how the Wii U could enhance a :core: game in a positive way. The game controls just like you would expect any dual analog stick shooter to control with the added benefit of having the tablet screen displaying an onscreen map to the player. The tablet screen is used in a couple of unique ways  and it was my first experienc...

Impressions:Battle Mii

Battle Mii, much like Chase Mii, was an interesting concept but ultimately was nothing more than a tech demo. Nonetheless, the game was fun to play even if there wasn’t much to it at the end of the day. In Battle Mii, one player is in control of the Wii U tablet which is used to control a gunship. To aim the player must move the Wii U tablet to control the ships cross-hair, with navigation o...

Impressions: Chase Mii

Chase Mii instantly reminded me of the first ever Gamecube to Gameboy Advance connectivity title Pac-Man Vs. The concept is a simple one; one player is in control of the Wii U tablet controller and has the ability to move Mario around a labyrinth like environment while four other players control different colored toad characters with the Wii remote trying to tag Mario. The player with the Wii U ...

“Strictly Hand Held Is The Style I Go”

At first I was extremely excited about the Wii U. I came in a little late to that part of the E3 presentation and thought that it was simply an extension of the current Wii platform – a “New Controller” to connect to an existing console that providing some amazing new feature somehow. How smart of Nintendo to latch on to their existing installation base of more users than any con...

Breaking: Pikmin was Wii title now for Wii U

Miyamoto just dropped a bomb. Pikmin was a Wii title but was canned and is now coming to Wii U. Miyamoto wasn’t supposed to talk about it, but he felt like it so he did! Good news for Nintendo fans, bad news for everyone waiting for Pikmin Wii. Apparently we won’t have to wait long for the game, maybe a Wii U launch title perhaps? Who knows! I for one am certainly excited though!

I don’t think Nintendo ever had any idea what it was doing

The Wii and the Nintendo philosophy of 2005—the console and company with such promise—are dead. They just don’t know it yet.

Keeping cost down: Wii U only compatible with one screen controller

According to Popular Mechanics, “Nintendo says that just one U controller can connect to the U at a time, along with four standard Wiimotes.” That’s how they’ll be able to sell this thing for an estimated $299 or less next year. That’s why most local multiplayer games will be Wii remote only or Pac-Man Versus like. Thoughts?

New York Times on Wii U: “Nintendo has another hit on its hands”

Early praise from a respected newspaper: Two days earlier, under extreme secrecy and security precautions, I got to try Wii U for myself. My initial verdict: Nintendo has another hit on its hands, an innovative new system that has a chance to shake up electronic entertainment… As is true with the Wii, words don’t really convey the visceral reality of the new system. You can’t really “g...

Wii U controller: Let me see if I understand this correctly

In addition to overall gut reactions and the console itself, here’s what I think Nintendo is trying to convey with their new controller: Since it has no processor, it’s not a true tablet. Rather just a dummy screen that streams information to and from the console. Translation: This will help Nintendo keep costs down. That said, I don’t believe Nintendo wants or expects people to ...

HD Zelda looked good, no?

Mmm, HD Zelda.

Up close and personal: The Wii U console

Aka the Mother Brain of Wii U. If my logic is correct, the new controller will not have a processor in it. Rather, it will stream stuff to and from the console, thereby allowing Nintendo to keep costs down. Any chance Ninty can release this for $299 or less next year?