I don’t think Nintendo ever had any idea what it was doing

The Wii and the Nintendo philosophy of 2005—the console and company with such promise—are dead. They just don’t know it yet.

Nintendo itself confirmed as much today with one of the most strange and rudderless E3 press conferences in recent memory. What’s that mean? I think Popular Mechanics said it best during its head-scratching recap of whatever it was Reggie, Iwata and Miyamoto were talking about earlier today:

That hardware complexity is partly why the U didn’t make our stomachs drop like they did when the Wii, with its simple controller full of unlimited potential, was announced. The Wiimote was one of the most intuitive, simple control schemes ever imagined—the TV remote reinvented to support natural human movement. Five years later, Nintendo has built something that’s completely opposite of the Wii’s original design philosophy.

Indeed, it was confirmed today on this very web site that there will only be one magic touchscreen controller per console. Just one! Sorry. No More. Cave-dwelling, keep-that-in-the-basement single player gaming is back, baby! Hell Nintendo even actively showcased a feature that depicted TV watching supersede gaming: When someone wants to watch TV, it kicks the game to the controller. Sounds great, except it was coming from a company that previously wanted MORE people to game.

The community and party atmosphere created by amazing feats like Wii Sports are gone or are, at the least, hindered by the fact that there’s going to be a “master” controller and four Wiimotes. Maybe gamers can pass the touchscreen around like a hot potato. Won’t that be fun.

I’d say it pisses me off and makes me mad, but I haven’t touched a Nintendo console since January. “I guess I’m disappointed,” I should say, sounding like my mother. From the looks of sales in Japan and of the 3DS pretty much everywhere, I’m not alone. Has anything worth playing even come out for the Wii since Christmas? That wasn’t made by Nintendo?

One can’t help but wonder if Nintendo really had no idea what it was doing all along. Back in 2006, the company could do no wrong. Or so it seemed. Faced with a frothing mass of ignorant, short-sighted “hardcore” gamers who decried them as a company that “abandoned” true gaming, they stood their ground and offered up a braindead-simple Wiimote. Wirelessly connected to a DVD case-sized Gamecube 2.0 console, this TV-remote styled David easily defeated the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the tune of sales that saw the Wii outselling the so-called “HD Twins,” combined.

Now, thanks to what I saw today in Los Angeles (via video feed), that simplicity has been taken out back and shot in the head. GoW3 style or Halo… your choice, but whatever it is, Nintendo has caved. In its place? A gigantic, $300 multi-button tablet (no multitouch) that requires two hands and, let’s be honest here, puts an end to all those silly-but-fun situations where people are standing, laughing and waving their arms around in a slightly dangerous, haphazard fashion.

Are third parties on board? Of course they are. Sort of. You saw their talking heads paraded out in front of a somewhat subdued audience in that theater doing pretty much the same thing they’ve done for new Nintendo consoles and portable since the dawn of time. Trouble is, after that initial deluge of games on launch day, they kind of just go away, mostly back to the Microsoft and PS3 camps, where clearly defined hardcore strategies and sure-fire blockbuster hits will support their bottom lines.

But perhaps you’re of the mind that Jack is being his ol’ pessimistic self again. You might be right. Maybe I’m getting jaded in my old age. Or maybe I see things like this and realize every game showcased as a launch title today was actually being played on an Xbox 360 or PS3:

In a bizarre twist to an otherwise exciting news day, during an interview today just following Nintendo’s showing of its new Wii U system and games, company honcho Reggie Fils-Amie told GameTrailers that the sizzle reel of games shown today were not actually from the Wii U. Instead, when asked if they were from PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, Reggie replied “Absolutely, because we’re talking a year away from when the console will launch.”

One wonders why Nintendo, a company that literally created a new market for gaming with the Wii and did so predominantly by word of mouth Ambassador Parties, would even show a system at all under these conditions. No game play. No grassroots marketing. No games!

Could it be the resurgent Xbox 360-equipped Kinect, with its amazing sixth-year sale bump? Apple, and it’s oft-unacknowledged game-friendly iOS platform? Probably, as history shows a glossy new portable from Sony never made the Big N sweat much&,dash;especially so for one partially named after a processed cheese product, so we know it’s not them.

Remember when the Wii was officially revealed? The Glory Days? The lines that formed immediately afterward? The absolute dominance of Wii Sports from the first second it was available for game play sessions? Remember how “Wii” meant “we” and gaming was starting to mature and become more mainstream and all-inclusive and less headshot counts and dick-measuring? All gone. Not present this time around. But at least Darksiders 2 and some Tom Clancy games with realistic blood splatter are present and accounted for, right? Hell, there was even a GTA rumor kicking around before the crap hit the white plastic this morning.

In a smoking Wii-shaped crater smoldering in LA this evening is a psuedo-tablet that will live in a 2012 and beyond world that will be inundated with cheap, multitouch mobile devices and tablets tethered effortlessly to HDTVs and cloud-based services provided by companies that understand what online services are all about (save Sony, which, come on, shouldn’t be trusted with anything online ever again).

But hey, enough negativity. I hear ya! At least Wii All About U is 1080p. Nintendo finally delivered on that. No more complaining about heigh definition. And EA Sports told me that the HUD is coming off the screen and landing on my tablet screen. Well, for Player 1 it is anyway. Player 2 through 4 can go screw and play with their Wiimotes.

Wii U? More like F U. Play what we want you to play. Guess I’ll check back in a year. Ish. When’s this come out again?

Image note: The above image was apparently sent out post-press conference because there was some confusion about whether the controller was the new console, if there was a new console at all, or it the controller was meant for the Wii. Or something. Anyway, it’s a great sign they had to clear things up like that.

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  1. Brett says:

    In b4 “Haters gonna hate.”

    Seriously though, you make some great points. Personally I can’t wait for the system, but the press conference was a little strange and frankly I expected much more.

  2. deepthought says:

    big N is not dead… just adrift I think. not sure who this new console really appeals to. maybe we’ll see an actual next generation console sometime? kinda a let-down that this wasn’t that console though…

  3. Blake R says:

    good god it’s happening all over again. You’re seriously the worst offender on this website, Jack. You just had to be the one stormcloud on a day of optimistic e3 posts. You’d fit in prefectly at IGN, but please, don’t take your Nintendo bashing here on a website of “intelligent passion”

  4. Lucasc666 says:

    What are you talking about? Video games became about dick measuring and shit when they became mainstream. Prior to the boost of video gaming, just playing video games, you were more respected than people are currently when playing. Also, 3DS had a longer line than Wii, therefore we are currently in the ‘glory days’.

  5. ac says:

    they’re not abandoning the wiimote. its gonna part of all this. casual games can still be made, but now in HD. but yeah we understand the ‘glory days’ of wii, but this is the first generation where winning the console wars (in sales) doesn’t equate to you win. nintendo wants to win in sales, but also in the hearts and minds of all gamers, all 101 differents kinds of them. the ‘glory days’ they want to return to is not the wii, but rather the nes and snes days. so they’ve gone back to the drawing board and came up with this. i personally think its brilliant.

    i think you’ll change your mind a little over a year from now when you’ve seen what they can do with this thing. you’re right, all we had were glorified tech demos, and no games. they’re probably not ready to show anything for another 6 months. but would they wait a year, or show what they have now? that was their call. my only concern with showing the cards so early is fony, i mean, sony. what’s stopping sony from making the vita the sony-U? from a hardware standpoint, probably nothing, and that’s worrying. that’s the problem with showing concept ideas a year in advance prior to launch, and especially if you’re first on a console cycle. gives your competition plenty of time to see what ideas have worked or didn’t work.

  6. Rubén Gómez Radioboy says:

    You are from the past… 1992? Yes

  7. deepthought says:

    you know what i’ve heard a lot of? “there are so many possibilities!”

    and I think “like what?!”

    their demo video looked like it had no ideas. draw on it? hold it in front of your face so you cant see the tv? not something I plan to do.

    when the wiibored came out i heard this same statement about possibilities. but apparently that only added up to puchout, jilian andrews, and your bmi.

    i really agree that this pad adds nothing significant to gaming.

    and as far as Jack trolling… he’s been opinionated and taking heat for it (from me frequently) as long as he has been on infendo. i can’t imagine he’s not fairly immune to people who dislike his opinions.

  8. ViewtifulVance says:

    Hmmmmmm…. Maybe you should have saved this rain for a little while. Ya know, NOT when we happy with Big N.

  9. GameCollector44 says:

    First off, this is just getting silly. People were ticked at Nintendo about not having up-to-date graphics, and not having any hardcore games, and [i]now[/i] people are ragging on Nintendo for getting games that are on the PS3/Xbox360…I mean seriously, what more do you want? Controller free gameplay will never catch on, FPS/Adventure/RPGs would be rather ridiculous controller-free.

    In my honest opinion, haters like Jack should stop chugging the econosized Haterade, and just wait before ragging on the big N. There’s more than a whole year full of possible announcements to be made. JUST CHILL.

  10. monkat says:

    I … yeah.

    This won’t be something I’ll pick up at launch.

    I think Nintendo thought they needed something big and exciting before they finalized a new console, something that would set them apart from their competitors. They couldn’t think of anything, and being pressured by the near saturation of HDTVs, competitor motion controls, and dwindling Wii sales, they threw out the best idea they had, and that’s what we got.

    Honestly…I just want to play my Mario’s without jerking my arms. I want to play Donkey Kong Country without waggling, I want to have my Nintendo games…without the obnoxious controls. From a few previews, the controller seems to be at least fairly comfortable to hold (maybe not Gamecube or 360 level, but y’know…), so this could be what I’m looking for.

    I hope it’s what I’m looking for.

  11. san says:

    lol, i cant beleive what i am reading right now. might as well be a troll post from gamefaqs

  12. The_Julian says:


    If it’s something that you could be looking for, why are you making the snap decision to not pick it up at launch?

  13. [obscene screen name] says:

    Come on guys, Press conferences have NEVER been an indicator of anything important. To say Nintendo is doing away with the old philosophy with a system that uses all accessories that resulted from the old philosophy is kind of out there. You’re basing it on a one controller per system idea, but looking at this system one controller might be all you need, even with 4 people. While 3 (possibly more?) people use wiimotes to hunt down the enemy on the big screen, you can have one person with the tiny screen coordinating them.

    That’s just one idea and admittedly it sucks, but I remember when the DS came out, and the Wii, and all my ideas sucked, and yet great games were still made by the creative people who do this for a living.

    But back on point, of course they didn’t show an attractive family of four waving their arms around with forced smiles, they’ve already shown us that, and we know the wii does that, and the WiiU can as well. (We also know Cammie Dunway and Sean White can snowboard together, and Reggie is better than Miyamoto at a soccer mini game, boy what these press conferences tell us about Nintendo’s future as a company!)

    The tv bit was also cool because admittedly, that happens to everyone. The multiplayer options are still there, and it will be nice to play Wii while my roommates or parents want to watch Top Chef Masters or reruns of Frasier respectively.

  14. The_Julian says:

    Also, Jack. When the wii (then the “revolution”) was first announced, there were no games. When the controller was first announced, there were no games. Just some tech demos of flight sims and Metroid Prime 2. The only time we actually got games announced for the thing was the E3 right before it was going to launch.

    Given that Nintendo isn’t planning on launching the next system till next year and we can probably expect something similar from the next year, what warrants this outrage about not seeing any games when the same occurrence happened a few years ago in the so-called “golden age”?

  15. xaviorq8 says:

    I feel you, Jack. I’m interested in the new hardware, and I’m sure I’ll have some good times with it. It is just so disappointing to see Nintendo have taken two steps forward in the beginning with the Wii, and now take the full two steps back again. The roughest part is how boring it all feels after glimpsing the potential of where games were headed for the first half of the Wii’s life.

  16. J says:

    Jack, you are the biggest poo head I’ve ever heard! There’s nothing wrong with the Wii U so why do you have to be so negative about this?
    F U you poop face!

  17. Richard says:

    Jack, I think the Wii U has so many possibilities for fun gameplay that it boggles the mind. You choose to look at it in the worst light possible, but I think there’s amazing potential here. I can’t wait for this thing.

  18. Alvärö says:

    History repeats itself…
    “Ooh Nintendo is doomed, bla bla bla”.

    I know this article is your personal feeling, I just hope you keep an open mind and possibly change of opinion.

    For me, I’m glad that I will be able to play our fav franchises and more on HD without having to wave and all that…like someone already stated above.

  19. Joe says:

    I can feel the sarcasm dripping from this article. Really Jack, you’ve lost faith in Nintendo that much? Let’s remember back to 2005/2006 when Nintendo was about to release the Wii. The term casual gamer barely existed, one of the biggest questions was how to get women interested in gaming, Sony and Microsoft were touting HD graphics as the next big thing and the IPhone and IPad didn’t even exist. Nintendo keenly observant, was the only company who recognized this new “casual gamer” demographic and smartly targeted the Wii to this uncharted blue ocean that nobody knew was there.

    Fast forward to today and the bet that Nintendo placed was a success, the Wii was a huge hit. People who would have never played videogames were playing them. Women, Senior Citizens, people with medical disabilities, etc. But with that tremendous success (and money) came competition, fierce competition from Microsoft, Sony and Apple. With the release of the Kinect, Move, IPhone and IPad that blue ocean very quickly turned bright red for that casual crowd money.

    So where is Nintendo now? To me following the Blue Ocean strategy and swimming to the less red hardcore gamer ocean. Why? Personally I’m hoping because they can provide better gaming experiences than Microsoft and Sony whose games have gotten same-y and stale. Some might think they are betraying the casual audience that they discovered, I don’t. They’re still producing Wii consoles for the casual crowd and the people who want to upgrade to HD can pick up a Wii U. To me the Wii U is a console that is trying to fill the gaps in the audience that Nintendo lost, i.e. the hardcore gamer. Can they do it? I hope so. Personally I’m excited about it, even with some of the perceived shortcomings. This year I found Microsoft and Sony pretty boring, mostly all of the same types of games (FPS) and lacking in overall innovation. Nintendo the only company at E3 that can still get people buzzing about the next thing that they are doing.

  20. bruceleroy says:

    Hey Jack, you should consider these:
    1. Only system that will provide both Nintendo games & AAA multiplatform games.
    2. Only system w/ a tablet controller, classic controller, & motion controller.
    3. Only system that can be played with 2 screens so U can view your front & sides/rear/inventory simultaneusly & a touch pad that could revolutionize core gaming.
    4. Only system that lets U play good Wii games that U probably didn’t play cuz it wasn’t HD.
    5. Only home system that will let U play while taking a dump. [email protected]

    If money is your problem & if you have a Wii and a 360 then you can sell both of them to get this system.

  21. bruceleroy says:

    Anyways, good job on making people post on this page by posting a rant like this one.

  22. Blake R says:

    just a reminder, mynintendonews.com is a GREAT site for the true nintendo fans who don’t like being told our favorite company sucks over and over again by the SAME PERSON. If it weren’t for Eugene on here, I’d probably abandon Infendo forver

  23. shelldone says:

    theyre not going away from the design of wii, wtf?

    theyre building onto that with hd, and this sweet controller.
    wiimotes are the 2nd,3rd, and 4th controller.
    doo-doo head.

  24. jagsrock95 says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaa good one jack ur always a barrel of laughs.

  25. seburo says:

    The Wii U expands the possibilities and continues to innovate. The HD Twin just follow. Then, ¿how do you write such a depressig article? ¿the E3 disappointed you? Get a life!!

  26. randy says:

    i really dont think all this doom and gloom is called for. nintendo announced a 1080p suped up wii and a sweet new touch screen control.

    nintendo did not cave, sell out, back peddle, or in anyway change their gaming philosophy.

    by the by, they only put one wiimote in the box with the wii, how many of these touch screen controllers did you think they were going to bundle with the wii u?

    as far as the moving the hud onto the touch screen, im guessing that only works in single player or if there are the multiple touch controllers connected.

  27. Mikey says:

    This means the best thing: Super Mario Galaxy 3 Wii U!!!

  28. Joe says:

    Randy: Just to clarify Jack is referring to the fact that the Wii U will only support 1 of the touchscreen controllers. So even if you buy multiple touchscreen controllers you will only be able to connect 1 to the Wii U console. Hence the name “Wii U”, it’s a Wii for you, you being 1 person.

  29. Joe says:

    Actually I should say “Hence the name “Wii U”, it’s a Wii for you, you being the hardcore gamer who usually plays single player games.” There I feel better 🙂

  30. frstOne says:

    If you look at it just as an updated wii, with HD video output and a new cool peripheral, they are following exactly the same philosophy as before. (And actually, I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing).

  31. InvisibleMan says:

    Jack, as others have pointed out above, remember that when the Revolution was first shown at E3 they only showed people using the remote controller… no games (only sound effects), no console, nothing…

    I think you are seeing this the wrong way, too: We should see this new console as embracing the philosophy of the DS, not the Wii (even though the Wii remote and party gameplay are still going to be there!)… Just picture this new console as having two screens like the DS, the upper main screen being the HDTV and the lower one being the remote. Then you can see where Nintendo is going with this!

  32. Josh says:

    In my opinion, they really botched the introduction. They should have started with the fact that they will still use the Wii-motes and all your accessories are still compatible with this more powerful machine. They glossed over the fact that it’s more powerful and in fact many people were confused and thought it was the same hardware as the Wii! After those reassurances they should have introduced the new controller. They also didn’t show any real compelling uses for the controller. Everything seemed half-baked and rushed. On a positive note, a lot of people on Twitter seem to be viewing it as an iPad that uses your giant TV screen, which they seemed to take as a very cool thing.

  33. Soma says:

    It must be sad when NONE of your readers agrees with you, right Jack?

  34. Sparklecoogs says:

    Here’s a tip, Jack. After you’ve finished writing an article in a fit of rage, read it back to yourself. If all the points you’re trying to make can be easily refuted by a kindergartner, then consider throwing your article in the trash where it belongs.

    It was a solid press conference by Nintendo, but perhaps could only be fully appreciated by those who are capable of seeing the possibilities of the new console.

    In my opinion, the only thing Nintendo did wrong was not making it completely clear that the Wii U features two pieces of hardware, a controller and a console. There was so much focus on the controller that the confusion about whether or not there was also a new console was palpable.

    My guess is, next year’s E3 will find Nintendo introducing a huge lineup of Wii U games, both first-party and third-party. That, coupled with a possible fall release, will send sales of this machine through the roof.

  35. Akira says:

    Trust in nintendo. Sheesh’ I am gonna since they have been making dank games for like 25 years!

  36. monkat says:


    I said I hope its something I’m looking for. I’m not dropping $300+ (full 2 weeks salary) on a possibility. That’s just silly.

  37. Arjen says:

    Yep, that was it. A site about intelligent passion with so many articles written by an angry, spoiled little man? Don’t kid yourself into going “it’s intelligent passion because we’re critical.” That’s the whole problem; your criticism doesn’t hold up, it’s stupid and you look like an IGN article writer who’s just trying to piss off people and get views. Consider me unsubscribed. I might check occasionally, see if there’s some intelligence or passion back on this site at some point.

  38. Kyle says:

    Gizmodo called, they want their sensationalist headlines back.

  39. gojiguy says:

    the truth is in the games. too early to tell at this point. but its an uphill battle for Nintendo thats for sure.

  40. Blake R says:

    Hey Jack, your last name wouldn’t happen to be Tretton would it?

  41. InvisibleMan says:

    I agree with Josh that the presentation was a bit confusing…

    Having said that, Iwata DID mention that they were not going to show the actual console, and that what was on the floor was a prototype. The only thing final was the controller. (He probably should have pointed out they did the exact same thing when they presented the Wii for the first time). Typically, when a CEO does the presentation, it usually goes the wrong way… the pacing is wrong, the wording is wrong, etc.

    I believe that when the Wii U is presented by their Marketing department, we will get a much better impression of the new console! (I think I already “got it” after sleeping on it…)

  42. whatthe says:

    too early to tell, wait and see until the facts are out before freaking out please.

  43. lololol says:

    Whoa. People. There are a lot of legitimate points. This isn’t a new system. It’s an accessory at best. Maybe the next Mario Party will be more interesting. If they still make those. To be fair, it’s good that people are getting upset because it shows what high standards Nintendo has set in the past decade with the DS and the Wii. At the end of the day though, it comes down to one thing. The games. Even if Nintendo has forgotten how to design gaming systems hopefully they’re still willing to innovate with the actual content. But until they show us more than some Mario Party mini games and some games that if I really cared to play I can already get for my Xbox, it will be impossible for me to get excited about this console.

  44. Xelpud says:

    Well, a few things here: Firstly, I believe this website’s motto is INTELLIGENT passion for all things Nintendo. If you don’t like what he’s saying then address WHAT he said that was wrong. Crying “How dare you insult the Wii U! You are the worst journalist on the face of the planet and I hope you die in a fire!” isn’t exactly conductive to INTELLIGENT debate.

    *Ahem*…That aside, I think the man may have a point. Nintendo entered into the last generation with underpowered hardware, was constantly derided for being “casual”, and yet, due to their focus on the EXPANDED market, managed to outsell both of the “HD Twins” combined.

    The reason Jack (and myself) are worried about the Wii (H8) U, is because Nintendo seems to be heading in the exact OPPOSITE direction than they did with the Wii. With the Wii, the big draw was well, “Wii would like to play”. It was the sort of system which you could bring out in a social situation and actually have people crowding around the TV interested and trying to get in on the action. It was the closest system we’ve had in years to flirting with the old-school values which thrust Nintendo to dominance with the NES.

    With the Wii U, the very first footage they chose to release of the system was somebody wanting to TURN OFF the system so that he could watch baseball, or in other words, even in their own press release, the first impression was that the system was inferior entertainment (whereas if they did a video like that for the Wii, the gamer would switch to Wii Baseball and other people would want to join the game). Follow this with a series of trailers taken from the 360 and PS3 showing that the primary goal of the Wii U seems to be trying to play a game of catchup with Sony and Microsoft as though the Wii had been a failure with the HD twins dominating, and there’s justifiable reason to be wary of Nintendo’s prospects, even moreso when we see absolutely NOTHING presented by Nintendo which attempts to capitalize off of what made the Wii such a massive success.

    Now I’m not saying that Nintendo is utterly doomed, but I am going on the record here as stating that if Nintendo tries to play the same ballgame as Microsoft and Sony (who had been doing fairly poorly by comparison), I wouldn’t look into NOA stock anytime soon.

    Also, given that I anticipate rebuttal to my statement, would those of you looking to do so be so kind as to respond to particular points and state WHY you think I’m wrong instead of just blindly lambasting me?

  45. baelnic says:

    Investors seem to agree with Jack sending Nintendo’s stock down 5%.

    Only having one new remote has really sapped my interest but there is along time before it comes out I hope things change.

  46. Artefacto says:

    Read the Iwata Asks on Wii U. It should clear up the misunderstanding that founds this article. It’s not about doing the opposite of Wii, it’s about manifesting the original Wii intentions into reality. They felt that what they wanted to do with Wii was unfulfilled, thus they embarked on doing something that was truly appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers. There’s a a lot of revelations on that interview, so please read it to understand the Y of Wii U.

  47. RisnDevil says:

    @Xelpud: Challenge accepted…

    “The reason Jack (and myself) are worried about the Wii (H8) U, is because Nintendo seems to be heading in the exact OPPOSITE direction than they did with the Wii……..Follow this with a series of trailers taken from the 360 and PS3 showing that the primary goal of the Wii U seems to be trying to play a game of catchup with Sony and Microsoft as though the Wii had been a failure with the HD twins dominating, and there’s justifiable reason to be wary of Nintendo’s prospects, even moreso when we see absolutely NOTHING presented by Nintendo which attempts to capitalize off of what made the Wii such a massive success.” (Yes, I cribbed a lot out there, because it was just elaboration on what I have “created” as your main point as I see it.)

    Am I the only one that was not even close to disappointed by WiiU Battle Mii and WiiU Chase Mii? Is this not the exact kind of “innovation” you said is not present? Is it “COMPLETELY” “NEW”? No, but really, what is these days? I still think this shows what Wii will be able to do when U (or I) by mine and Wii still play together. Back in the day of the N64 my brother and I (along with our friends who would come over) had a single favored controller. When we would play GoldenEye the winner would always get whatever controller he wanted (usually that one) like some sort of prize or crown. I EASILY see myself doing that same thing here.

    While I am defending the innovation front, I must admit, however, that Nintendo DID let “me” down by only making the system compatible for one: here’s hoping they change that later (maybe even as simple as a system update….?). If you had an entire article about this point, I think VERY FEW people would even attempt to argue the point. But to say that it is not innovative or new AND in the same breath state that all they showed in their “sizzle reel” was re-hashes of PS360 games I say this: how do you know how innovative it’s NOT?

    And not family friendly/conducive to “group play” is also wrong: it supports all of that just fine AND supports single play AND SHARING (such as sharing of the TV). I am married with two kids. My oldest child is just getting old enough to play games, though she doesn’t do so often. Mom isn’t much of a gamer, so that leaves dad. I want to play games WITHOUT having to be banished to another room from my family. Makes perfect sense to me.

    If you’re main (and really only) argument was to report that “In other News, Nintendo’s marketing designer was fired for not helping them market/show-off their new system better” I would also agree.

    Also, many people buy Nintendo for the IPs that ONLY Nintendo has, THEN pick a PS3 or 360 later to get “all that other garbage”. Can you honestly say it won’t be nice to NOT have to get another system if you want “all that other garbage”?

    Lastly (though this may not sound like “intelligent passion”) anyone who was confused and didn’t understand there was a new console and not just a new accessory is an idiot. I challenge you to prove me wrong on that. As such, the confusion of idiots is beyond and below my concern.

    Just my $0.52.

  48. Stan says:

    Okay reading all the comments it seems people are having memory issues.
    1.) Even if there was no games when the Revolution was revealed, I personally was more excited not less. The Wiimote was something completely new, not some Apple rehash hooked up to a current system.
    2.) It wasn’t the fanboys complaining about the graphics or 3rd party “hardcore” support. It was the people who were looking for something bad to say just for the sake of bashing on Nintendo. The fact that Nintendo seems to have taken these critiques to heart is upsetting.
    3.) Jack is OBSESSED with Nintendo (or was). Read any of his posts that are older than 6 months. I used to read an article headline, thought it was way too die hard nintendo fan boy, and then say “yup, jack wrote this.” Why would he just start hating on Nintendo for no reason? He’s upset because he loves (or loved) Nintendo. Don’t accuse him of being a hater just because he has reasonable points that aren’t the same as yours. People, like myself, are upset because Nintendo has raised the bar so high. It’s a good thing.

  49. Xelpud says:

    @ Artefacto

    Yes, I read that Iwata Asks, and I heard him state it as the E3 conference too. Unfortunately just saying that doesn’t make it so. Now, were that what it looked like they were doing, everything would be fine and dandy, this article wouldn’t exist (as Jack would be among the throngs chomping at the bit), and Nintendo’s stock price would be up 5% than it currently is.

    I can SORT (forgive my usage of bold, but I know not how to use italics) of see how the Wii U could be a player in the less profitable so-called “core” market (although whether it has a chance of succeeding there or not is another matter), but I’ve yet to see a single piece of evidence that the Wii U caters to the expanded audience, to old-school gameplay values, or in other words, the majority of the market which made the Wii and the DS such massive successes.

    Thus as I see things right now:

    The Wii U has primarily shown thus far trailers of 360 and PS3 games

    Of the two (as I recall) Wii U games shown, one was New Super Mario Bros. Wii with the cast replaced with Miis, and the other seems to be a prototype tweaking of Wii Sports. The Wii U needs games like Wii Sports and 2D Super Mario Bros. (as both games are massively popular and push large quantities of systems), but I have my doubts as to whether trying to sell what your audience likely already owns is enough to fight disinterest.

    A primary feature of the device is being to isolate the playing experience to a single player, be it through making the system less important than television, or be it through isolating a player from the rest of the game in the name of “asymmetric gameplay”, whereas the Wii was focused on bringing players together.

    Nintendo has expressed strong interest in publishing a system like Microsoft and Sony and producing the kind of games that they do (instead of publishing a distinctly Nintendo system centered around producing Nintendo games). Keep in mind that the 360 and the PS3 were far from cash cows for either company, and their idea of appealing to “everybody” was to first ignore the expanded audience, incorrectly deride them as idiots and “casual gamers” (but in industry speak, I repeat myself) , and then throw degrading table scraps at them in the form of the Move and Kinect, whilst still utterly failing to grasp what made the Wii a success.

    Trust me, I REALLY want Nintendo to succeed, if only because they’re one of the last companies out there with a remote interest in producing the kind of games I want to play. I’m just worried, because I’m looking at the facts here, and they don’t seem to be painting a pretty picture thus far.

  50. Xelpud says:

    @ RisnDevil

    Sorry there, it seems that I missed your post. Regardless, if I might comment on a few points of note:

    “Am I the only one that was not even close to disappointed by WiiU Battle Mii and WiiU Chase Mii? Is this not the exact kind of “innovation” you said is not present?”

    One looks to be an uninspired 3rd Person shooter and the other looks like a rehash of Pacman Vs. Or in short, 404 – Innovation Not Found. On a more serious note though, I’m wasn’t demanding innovation so much as I was thinking that a minor rehash of a game you already own isn’t going to be enough to sell you. Besides, what I was hoping for was the kind of games that move systems. Super Mario Bros. moves systems. Classic Zelda moves systems. Wii Sports moves systems. Wii Motion Plus COULD have moved systems if Nintendo actually supported it instead of releasing Wii Sports Resort and sitting on it. Games like Battle Mii, Ghost Recon, and Darksiders on the other hand won’t.

    “And not family friendly/conducive to “group play” is also wrong: it supports all of that just fine AND supports single play AND SHARING (such as sharing of the TV). I am married with two kids. My oldest child is just getting old enough to play games, though she doesn’t do so often. Mom isn’t much of a gamer, so that leaves dad. I want to play games WITHOUT having to be banished to another room from my family. Makes perfect sense to me.””

    Whether or not it supports it isn’t the issue (keep in mind the myriad of “supported” Nintendo features throughout the years which were never used). The ideal gaming system is one wherein you turn it on and you don’t get banished from the room, but instead people from the other rooms want to come in and play too. That Nintendo chooses to market the ability to ISOLATE the gaming experience makes it fill the role of an anti-console if you would. Now, while simply HAVING that ability admittedly isn’t entirely a bad thing (although as I said, the moment you turn that on you instantly turn off any social appeal to the fame), the fact that Nintendo ISN’T focusing on expanding the Wii experience AT ALL is what worries me and has me wondering if, left alone, Nintendo will be heading down the same line as the XBOX and the Play Station.

  51. -_Q says:

    Scenario 1:

    Wii U is the Godtier of all consoles and entertainment devices ever — everyone in the world owns a tablet controller and carries it at all times in their Nintendo attache and uses it instead of their iPads. They make videochat calls on it to their professional friends and all the happy people get together online and in person to play the best hardcore games, Ninty franchises, funtimes casual party shlock.

    They will be able to download movies off the internet onto their TV or controller, turn their lights on and off from the controller using a 3rdparty app, join online Smash tournaments, have 30 person online F-Zero races, go to cafes and order their food using their controller, download Nintendo classic games off the Wii U and play them on the go wherever they like, and Retro will make a brilliant sequel to everyone’s favorite Nintendo franchise.

    Every Sony and Microsoft exclusive title will not only be present on the Wii U but will be enhanced by the unique controller. Nintendo will make a hardcore FPS starring Tingle and it will be the most popular game of all time.

    The Queen of England will personally go to Gamestop, buy the Wii U, use it every day and carry the controller religiously.

    Scenario 2:

    Wii U tries to beat Apple, Sony, & Microsoft all at the same time, on turf they dominate, while abandoning their core audience and their own philosophy. The Wii U tries to do everything and instead does nothing well. A godawful system, controller, and wifi setup destroys the self-esteem of even the most devoted Nintendo fans. Every title is a pun ending in “-Wii U” and there are Zs at the end of most words. There are no games and popular Nintendo franchises get turned into mini-game collections. A few buy the system, find it to be confusing, convoluted and ugly and never turn it on again.

    Cat Daddy Games buys Nintendo.

  52. Apparently you didn’t see the demos Nintendo showed. Find Mii? The battle Mii thing? New Super Mario Bros. Mii? These games aren’t bloody, epic shooters. Though, I must point out there’s nothing wrong with those games at all. Those demos they showed utilized the simplistic Wii Sports-type gameplay brilliantly! Just because Wii Sports won’t be fuzzy, and rather in beautiful full-HD doesn’t mean Nintendo is abandoning anything.

  53. CyanUp says:

    I’m sure the presentation could be better and many questions remain unanswered, but at the end of the day i believe this is what i’ve been looking for. Nintendo IPs in HD and heavy 3rd party support with great multiplatform games.
    I couldn’t care less if Nintendo is accused of forgetting the casual audience, the Wii was for them. Wii U is, at last, for me.

  54. -_Q says:

    The Wii U looks rad. It is unique. It is interesting. We will see the games. If they are awesome, it will be awesome. The end.

  55. Joe says:

    @Xelpud – I’ll just say this, to me the Wii is the second NES for Nintendo. It’s the second time in the history of the company where they really grabbed the mainstream customer and re-defined what gaming was. So after the massive success of the NES what type of console did Nintendo release? A little something called the SNES, which a) was more complicated, it had a more complex button scheme b) fixed a lot of the hardware shortcomings of the NES c) Didn’t sell as well as the NES, BUT those types of successes are extremely rare d) had strong 3rd party support for the platform. See any parallels here? That’s why I’m excited about the Wii U because if Nintendo does it right it has the potential to be the next generation SNES, which is fine by me. 🙂

  56. wrenchmaster says:

    Why the heck do you guys have a blog about Nintendo when all you do is hate on them? You guys are pointless! good bye forever

  57. d_average says:

    Jack, welcome to my side. Nice to finally have you….bwahahaha!

  58. Karnage says:

    I have seen too much hating on wii u in just two days, and i can say only one thing: i talked with many friends about it and the all want to buy it like crazy! and they are not even nintendo fans! I dont think it is going to fail and it looks more than OK to me.
    The only fail is that you can’t connect 2 of the new controllers at the same time… i hope this is not true!

  59. Karnage says:

    Oh, and also, the presentation isn’t everything, look at 3ds: everyone was extremely impressed, not very good content/sales.
    I am sure that during the next year we are going to see more stuff about the new system: 1st party titles are SURE to come, i mean come on, they never stop developing them, 3rd parties seem eager on making more games (they wanted to share a piece of wii’s success but it was too hard to do, now it will be easier for them).
    I smell success hear. Not as much as with wii, but success anyway. And give me a break, new mario, zelda, donkey kong (?), metroid, whatever along with A quality 3rd party titles like arkham asylum? And all that with a brand new fun looking controller and decent graphics? It sounds perfect, i really cant understand why noone is happy! crap conference? You will not buy the conference, you will buy the system and it looks GOOD!

  60. cowmanodoom says:

    I personally believe the Wii U is a stroke of genius. My head swims just thinking of the possibilities. Plus I don’t have to stop playing when someone wants to do something else with the TV.

  61. electricfuture says:

    This is an interesting take, but like you said: you haven’t played your Wii since January! The same goes for me too! So what I gather is you complaining about Nintendo changing their ways, but currently those ways aren’t working on you at all.

    I think the Wii U (terrible name, I know) is more than just a gimmick like the Wii was. This new controller has beneficial gameplay functions going for it, and if it also has the same games as PS3/360, then why not play the controller enhanced version on the U?

    Actual gameplay improvements, unlike the Wii’s waggle, is what Nintendo needs to keep doing. Sure motion controls are important now, but I think this is just another big innovative step being taken by Nintendo…

    So being a hardcore gamer and never playing my Wii, this is an important step being taken to get me, and other gamers to care about Nintendo again. Oh and the Wii mote is still being used, so I have no clue why you would be complaining. You can still waggle all you want, but until the Wii U comes out, I’ll be playing consoles that matter and have triple A titles released all the time.

  62. Aikun2012 says:

    Haha… Hahahaha… Funny Jack… You’re a funny guy….

  63. Nintendo are still way behind the competition, I expected more, especially since it’s not out till next year

  64. ghost4 says:

    you know what i’ve heard a lot of? “there are so many possibilities!”

    and I think “like what?!”

    Yeah, exactly. I wonder if we’re seeing those famous viral messengers that Malstrom is always talking about, because I don’t know how anyone can get so excited about the controller and not be able to articulate why. The main thing the controller seems to do is allow the screen to display things like inventory and radar, but that’s hardly anything to gush over. It’s the same old functionality, it doesn’t change the way you play the game like the Wiimote did.

    As for hardcore gaming, my PC and 360 already do that a lot better. I doubt console players will be interested in switching over just because they get a minor improvement in graphics. The Wii players won’t care either.

  65. Andrew says:

    I agree with the sentiment Jack is carrying throughout his post. Nintendo seems to have completely backpedaled on the Wii in terms of philosophy–the very philosophy that made the Wii a popular alternative to the 360 and PS3. Most of the “casual” players who were responsible for making the Wii so successful bought one on the assumption that there would be many games like Wii Sports to follow, and that Nintendo had a line-up of more fun and creative ways to use motion controls. Apart from a few titles like New Super Mario Bros Wii (which barely made use of motion control) and Wii Sports Resort (which needed Wii Motion Plus, anyway), this promise was woefully unfulfilled.

    Now that we are going through this drought of quality Wii titles (which is why the Wii is currently selling so poorly), what is Nintendo’s response? They announce a new console (which they seem insistent on emphasizing that they wanted to make in the first place, as if the Wii was some sort of placeholder that they never really believed in but sold anyway) and then mention that they won’t put out any other big titles after Skyward Sword. Pardon my arrogance, but why should I buy a new console based on more promises of “innovative gameplay,” “fun motion control,” and “broad appeal” when that was the whole damn reason why I bought a Wii in the first place? If they didn’t deliver in the past 5 years, why should they be able to deliver now? This time, it’s going to take a lot more than one awesome pack-in game to convince me to buy their console.

    Unlike the Wii controller, which has the appeal of being like a simple NES controller and television remote with a couple extra features (pointing, motion control), the Wii U controller looks like an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink disaster. Isn’t it just a little sad the new controller looks strikingly similar to many of the pre-E3 mock-ups (the bloated, ugly ones) that were circulating on the internet just weeks ago? The thing looks like it was designed by a committee that just couldn’t reach a consensus on what not to include, so they included EVERYTHING–face buttons, trigger buttons, home button, control pad, circle pads, touch screen, accelerometer, gyroscope, camera, microphones, IR camera, and a PORT to attach even more stuff?

    So the product vision video showed the touchscreen being used in some interesting, albeit simplistic, ways. I’m not going to waste my time imagining all the possibilities that exist with the controller because I made that mistake with the Wii (and the Kinect, and the PSmove, etc.). I don’t get to play possibilities; I only get to play GAMES. If developers hardly ever made good use of the extra features of the Wii (beyond tacking on motion control vis-a-vis “Substitute motion for button press!” or “You get to use your pointer in the game menu!”), I don’t expect them to suddenly go out of their way to create a deluge of creative AND fun gameplay experiences just for the Wii U.

    Also, the ability to play games just on the controller screen being touted as a feature (the one that they opened their Kinect-style, I-guarantee-the-controller-will-not-be-as-cool-as-this-in-real-life product vision video, no less) was absolutely pathetic. First, their video showed gaming taking a backseat to other forms of entertainment, which is an admission of inferiority (yup, videogame are niche and boring to watch). Secondly, it defeats the whole purpose of a home console, which is to make family and friends gather around the SAME television (if I wanted a tiny screen for myself, I’d buy a handheld). Thirdly, if this console is FINALLY outputting HD, why the hell would I want to play my pretty games on a crappy 6-inch screen rather than the big-screen display that I bought? Lastly, and most concerning, is that if a full game can be pulled onto the handheld at any time, then the touchscreen can never serve any important purpose that cannot be superseded by what is on the main screen. In other words, there can be only two possibilities: either the touchscreen function is critical, and the the play-on-just-the-controller feature is not actually a feature in that game, or the touchscreen serves as a dumping ground for HUD information and inventory. I would hope that games followed the former, but I can imagine that that many multi-platform games and ports would follow the latter.

    What bothers me the most about all this is that, for all their talk about “low cost,” “gameplay over graphics,” “expanded audiences,” and “the Wii has a long lifespan ahead of it,” Nintendo is now ABANDONING the Wii and the very audience that made them more successful than the other two consoles. Instead of offering something that DEMANDS for games to be different from the mainstream attitude of the “cinematic, epic, story-driven gaming experience” as the ideal, they now want to offer the EXACT SAME THING that the 360 and PS3 offer, plus motion control, which they ASSUME 3rd parties will flock to (just like with the Wii, Kinect and PSmove, right?). I’m sorry, but fighting for 3rd-party support was a losing game with the N64 and Gamecube, and I don’t see the situation changing. If I’m going to play “hardcore” games, I’d rather buy a Sony or Microsoft system with better media center features, online, and, ultimately, 3rd party support.

    In the end, I do see myself buying a Wii U, but not until the first price drop or until I see the strong 3rd-party support and expanded-audience, Wii Sports-like games that Nintendo is promising. Promises, promises. In other words, I foresee myself waiting for the price drop. You’re all excited now–just wait until you see what bombs Microsoft and Sony drop at E3 2012.

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  67. dual fuel says:

    what happened to Nintendo, looks like they lost the fuel, I loved the first Wii, what’s the deal, they could do so much more, come on Iwata

  68. electric says:

    my electric consumption with my will is very good, I don’t actually know where the console is, I moved house and I think I lost it along with all the games

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