“Strictly Hand Held Is The Style I Go”

At first I was extremely excited about the Wii U. I came in a little late to that part of the E3 presentation and thought that it was simply an extension of the current Wii platform – a “New Controller” to connect to an existing console that providing some amazing new feature somehow. How smart of Nintendo to latch on to their existing installation base of more users than any console in history. After more of the presentation, I then discover it’s an entirely new console powering the thing. That’s also extremely exciting, from the aspect of the “Wii HD” rumors finally starting to come true. But then I became extremely overwhelmed.

I’m sure when the Wii U comes out, I’ll be able to afford it since Nintendo has always priced things right within my gaming budget. For me, though, the issue is the overwhelming feeling of too much stuff. I bought a Wii, I bought tons of games, controllers, instruments, guns, and I really enjoyed the time I spent playing with all of them. The DS was also a blast for so many of the same reasons. Combining these two facts, plus my historical love of Nintendo systems, I bought a 3DS which I cherish just as much as my GameCube and original NES. But now, two months after I got the latest handheld, Nintendo unveils another thing to buy and have and keep up on. So maybe this generation I’ll stick with my 3DS. Maybe I’ll keep playing with Mario, Link, and all my other favorite pals, but restrict it to my latest handheld. Or maybe I’m just coming down from a mind-boggling E3 showing from my favorite game company of all time.

Anyone else feel a little stretched thin? Or are you ready to embrace the Wii U with open arms and wallets?