Up close and personal: The Wii U console

Aka the Mother Brain of Wii U. If my logic is correct, the new controller will not have a processor in it. Rather, it will stream stuff to and from the console, thereby allowing Nintendo to keep costs down.

Any chance Ninty can release this for $299 or less next year?


  1. $300 would be a sweet spot. But what comes in the box? How many sub-screen controllers? Wiimotes and chucks? Wii sensor bar? A pack-in game?

  2. How many $$$ for extra controller?

  3. There’s no way you will get two controllers. I’m thinking it doesn’t need a sensor bar. My assumption was that the controller had that technology within itself to determine where it is in the game space. I could be wrong of course.

    I would guess $299 and another Wii Sports type demo game.

  4. Hope for a summer launch, winter camp outs are so extreme when in Ohio.

  5. My guess is it will be around $400 for this thing including the game changing controller.

  6. wow. This will be good to have.

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