Wii U controller: Let me see if I understand this correctly

In addition to overall gut reactions and the console itself, here’s what I think Nintendo is trying to convey with their new controller:

  1. Since it has no processor, it’s not a true tablet. Rather just a dummy screen that streams information to and from the console. Translation: This will help Nintendo keep costs down.
  2. That said, I don’t believe Nintendo wants or expects people to own multiple screen controllers. One should suffice for single player campaigns and online multiplayer. Since Wii U supports Wiimotes, local multiplayer can live on in a Pac-Man Versus sorta of way, which is fresher anyways.
  3. No ugly looking headset required. With cameras, mics, speakers, and rumble, this is one smart controller, although it doesn’t look as ergonomic as I’d like.
  4. The other advantage: It appears Nintendo and companies like EA are trying to remove the heads up display from TV to controller now, cleaning up the screen. I like this a lot. I’ve always disliked HUDs.

Any other insights I may have missed?