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Golden Warrior Gold Lightan

The story of the anime was basically that a young boy named Hiro found a golden zippo lighter. This lighter was actually the giant Golden Warrior Gold Lightan whose mission was to save the earth from the invasion of King Ibalda and his evil forces. Gold Lightan joined forces with his fellow robot teammates to ruin the plots of King Ibalda and destroyed all of the invading alien robots by using his surpassing hands and leg strikes.

Hiro the boy who found gold lightan, created a group of kids called the “One Pack Rangers” which was responsible for saving the earth. If you couldn’t tell, this anime was aimed at getting young kids to start smoking cigarettes. Way to go Japan!


Gold Lightan is a giant character who takes up two character slots and is rather slow while he fights. However, he packs quite a punch and takes a lot of damage before he can be put down.

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