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The Genie Family
(Was originally in the game and got removed from the US release)

The Genie Family is about the adventures of a family of Genies.

A Genie and his daughter Akubi reside inside the bottle, an old bottle has found its way to a modern family. It is owned by a child named Kan. What he is unaware of when he finds the bottle is that whenever anyone sneezes, the Genie is brought out and must grant the wish of whoever sneezed. His daughter must do the same when anyone yawns. Getting these wishes granted may not be a good thing though; the Genie is extremely clumsy and usually messes up whatever wish he grants. Akubi is more capable than her father, but she’s mischievous and likes to twist the words and meaning of anyone’s wishes so that something bad usually comes of it.

The Father, Hakushon Daima?, joins the Tatsunoko cast in Tatsunoko vs Capcom, scaring the crap out of anyone who fights against him.

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