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Ninja Science Team Gotchaman

The series is a mixture of sci-fi and action. Ninja Science Team Gotchaman involves a mixture of the following themes, conservation of nature, environmentalism, and responsible use of technology for progress and advancement. The bulk of the series is centered around five young superhero ninja in the employ of Dr. Kozaburo Nambu of the fictitious “International Science Organization” to oppose a group of technologically advanced villains. These villians are known as Galactor and their goal was to take control of the Earth’s natural resources. The operational leader of Galactor is an androgynous masked antagonist, Berg Katse, who is later revealed to be a shape-shifting mutant acting on the orders of an alien superior, Leader X.

The most common recurring plot involved Gatchaman opposing giant monster mecha dispatched by Galactor to steal or control various natural resources (water, oil, sugar, uranium, etc). These Mechas were often animal based. The Science Ninja Team is often aided by a mysterious squadron of combat pilots lead by the enigmatic Red Impulse who is an important character in the series that I won’t spoil.



The two characters from Gatchaman who are in Tatsunoko vs Capcom are Ken the Eagle, the leader of the Gatchaman team, and Jun the Swan, who is the demolitions expert.

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