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Hurricane Polymar

Hurricane Polymar the show was created by Tatsuo Yoshida, who had produced many of Tatsunoko’s series.

Hurricane Polymar is the secret identity of Takeshi Yoroi, who wears a special suit which enables him to fight crime. The suit is made of memory plastic which enables him to assume any shape.

Early in Takeshi’s life he met Onigawara, the director of the International Secret Police Agency. Onigawara wanted to make Takeshi a top-notch criminal investigator. So he sent Takeshi to get special training which turned him into an all-around sportsman as well as martial arts expert. However, Takeshi’s attitude toward crime-fighting was so incompatible with Onigawara’s, that he disowned him.

For a while Takeshi investigated crime alone; then he became a private detective’s assistant and general handyman. However, Takeshi was tired of working on the side lines and not stoping criminals and he secretly obtained an artificial polymer from a scientist. The scientist called it polimet, and the polymar was far stronger than steel. With this polimet Takeshi transformed himself into Hurricane Polymer, an invincible costumed hero.

Polymar will be in Tatsunoko vs Capcom beating down the criminals with his special moves.

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