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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

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I bet a lot of people probably don’t know the names of the Tatsunoko characters in Tatsunoko vs Capcom. It’s not surprising since a majority of them came from anime released in the early 70’s-90’s. Not to mention that half of the series never really made it over to America.

So I thought I’d take some time and go through all the characters. Giving you a summary about the show they were in and presenting you with the intros of their various shows.

Something to note here is that some information was hard to digg up, and one or two shows didn’t have easily accessible intros. Another thing is that all the Tatsunoko characters take their theme from their shows intro. So if you want to learn about the characters and hear what their theme check out this article. Otherwise consider a bunch of this information spoilers.

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