Youtube Tuesday: The Gamer – Trailer

be sure to check out the sequel after the jump.

The Gamer 1 & 2 are short ‘trailer movies’ created by ASU film student Chris Price and his friends in his home town of Phoenix, Arizona. Both were made with no budget at all and were thrown together in a very short span of time.  The Gamer 1 had actually been a small film project for Chris’s school, and was filmed over 2 days and edited in 1 day. There was no intention for it to go public on the internet, but it garnered adequate praise and was featured on a number of gaming news sites in 2007.  The Gamer 2 was made in 2009 with a bit more effort, better equipment and the intent of pleasing like-minded gamers. It’s quality is substantially higher than its predecessor. Neither of these trailers will actually be made into films. There entire purpose is to pay homage to the games they represent and for one nerd to live out his day-dreams.

Good Stuff, and Thanks for the video Chris!

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