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Tekkaman: The Space Knight

Tekkaman: The Space Knight is about the perils of earth in the 21st century. Earth is dying due to all the pollution that has happened over the years and and scientists are trying to reverse the damage. This is called “the Green Earth project”, but it is soon abandoned since no matter what they do the earth will be destroyed in three years time. Soon scientists look to the stars to find another planet to live on since Earth is no longer a habitable place to live on. They create a spaceship called “The Space Angel” to search the stars and report back when they find a place that can support life.

While on its mission to find this “Second Earth” it is attacked by a group of aliens named the “Waldaster”. Soon the Space Angel is destroyed and with it the hope of mankind, as the aliens soon set their eyes on destroying Earth.

A scientist by the name of Dr. Amachi manages to create two devices, “Pegas” and the “Tekset” system. With these a normal human can fight off the aliens since the “tekset” augmenting their own natural abilities giving them the strength to destroy them. This transforms Joji Minami and Hiromi Amachi, along with Andro Uemeda and Mutan, two alien beings from the planet Sanno, into the space knights. So that the space knights can combat the threat of the “Waldaster” and continue to search for a new planet.

Joji, who transforms into Tekkaman, will be in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

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