YouTube Tuesday: When Queen Meets Mario Galaxy


This is a surprisingly good mix, I would have never thought to combine Queen and Super Mario Galaxy. This makes me wonder what other songs could mix well with other various Nintendo games and characters? Anyone got any ideas?

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  1. wo, wo, woa, woah, WOAH-EXPLODE! This is incredible! Very, very nice work. It makes me want to play SMG again.

  2. That was phenomenal! Very well coordinated and executed! Somebody spent a lot of time to put that together. I also want to fire up SMG again. Good stuff!

  3. That was very nice… I too feel the urge to play SMG again. Queen and Mario are apparently two great tastes that taste great together.

    Also, that video clearly did a nice job of promoting SMG. I betcha it’ll sell a few more copies because of it. 😀

  4. Awesome. I love Queen and now I remember why I loved Mario Galaxy so much. Easily one of the best games of this generation.

  5. Mario and Freddie Mercury have the same mustache.

  6. Wind Waker combined with Tenacious D:


  7. Given that Queen is one of my favorite bands, and this is one of my favorite Queen songs, and I thought of this song on more than one occasion while playing SMG… no, this isn’t surprising that it works as a mix.

  8. I don’t mean to be a smart ass but in the first sentence you mean would HAVE (woulv’ve), not “would of”.

  9. That was incredible. There’s a reason that Queen and Mario are both at the tops of their field. 1:44- Explode. That was fantastic.

    lulz, rdaneel72. They ARE both rockin’ the ‘stache.

  10. Dude. Beastie Boys. Brawl. Need I say more?