Guitar Hero: Metallica is expertly crafted, much like the band’s killer riffs

Let me be clear: I haven’t been excited about Metallica since the black album was released in 1991. To put it nicely, I don’t think the band has put out a good album since then, although admittedly I haven’t given them a chance after being turned off by their sound in the mid ’90s, not to mention the group’s Napster snobbishness at the turn of the decade.

Thanks to Guitar Hero: Metallica, though, I’m excited about the band’s music again. Without getting into a full review, I’ll say this is the sharpest looking rhythm game to come to Wii. The graphics are crisp and look great in 480p. The sound is spot on. The cascading notes feel good, and the music rocks. I’m not a big metal fan, but I still enjoyed several tracks, including Sad but True, Enter Sandman, One, No Excuses by Alice in Chains, and Toxicity by System of a Down.

Is the game worth $50? I’m not so sure. There are only 49 songs, there’s no downloadable store (not that you’d want one as an owner of World Tour or Rock Band), and the lack of playlist variety will likely turn off a lot of buyers. But there is online multiplayer and a music studio. You be the judge.