Slow Summer

It has been said that during the summer, Nintendo refrains from releasing large software titles in an effort to keep people more active. Can anyone confirm this? It always seems to be the case every time summer rolls around. If this urban myth is true, that’s pretty classy on Nintendo’s part.

Revolution Controller?

Here’s the latest, and if you ask me, it looks fairly legit. Pick this one apart for me though.(click to enlarge)

Classic Makeovers

Word on the street is that classic Nintendo games may get a new look when downloaded from the upcoming Revolution service. Saturo Iwata said, “We are doing several experiments, including working with the original Super Mario Bros., with the new technology. The game itself and the gameplay shall be identical, but the look will be different; it’s possible that with Revolution, we may be ...

More Beating

According to GameCube Europe, DS will topple 20 million manufactured units this fiscal year. In contrast, Sony has cut PSP manufacturing by 33% (6 million units) given its lagging sales. While this is great news for Ninny, is anyone else besides me perplexed by the PSP’s lackluster performance? Looks like Sony’s overall market dominance can be countered through great gaming.

Next Generation Back On

Although it’s only in web version for now, Next Generation magazine is now online. For those of you who remember, this was one of the best gaming mags before it went belly up in the fall of 2001. If I remember correctly, the first edition was released in 1995. In other news, there hasn’t been much news. So with that, I’d like to ask which mags from back in the day did you like? I...

Say it ain’t so…

Punch Jump is reporting that Revolution games will retail for $60. This comes from recent GameStop listings that have speculative games preordering for that much. I think it’s still speculation, and more of a PR stunt by the game store. But if so, what ever happened to cheaper development? Nintendo would be smart to stick with a $50 price point. What do you think?

Revolution Controller: Not done

Shigeru Miyamoto has said that the Revolution controller’s functionality has not yet been finalized. I kinda guessed that since they haven’t shown the thing. Shocker! (Note to self: this means that all the mockup photos that are coming in are just fake. Still fun to speculate though.)

Tetris vs. Dr. Mario

I’ve recently been on a huge Dr. Mario kick. Well, actually Dr. Wario from WarioWare Inc, but it’s all the same. This game is so well done and very addictive. It’s gaming in it’s simplest form. I’m left wondering if it is even better than the beloved Tetris… That may be gaming blasphemy, but I’d be interested in hearing which one you like better and why. T...


Who will triumph and why? I guess the DS is off to head start over in Japan. Anyword on the matchup here in the States? Also, do you believe Nintendo when they say a newer GameBoy will be the real competition?

Strongbad Gaming

Wario Ware is just great gaming, Strongbad style. I’ve only played the original GBA version, and wanted to see what you thought of the others: Twisted, Touched, and the GC version. Which is the best out of all four? How do they stack up against each other? You decide.Who knows, maybe Strongbad himself will cast a vote…

CardBoy Micro

Check out these nice new pics.

Lessons Learned from CD-i

Back in the mid ’90’s, CD-i wanted to become the in-home media center: music, movies, and games. Granted lack of games was a killer, but it has been reported that the company realized it needed to focus on games if it were to succeed, but it was too late. They went out in 1996. Is PS3 and Xbox taking the same route in trying to become the all-in-one home media center? Granted I’m...