Nintendo Profits Tumble

Nintendo’s second quarter profits have fallen from 22 billion a year ago to 14 billion yen. Takashi Oya, an industry analyst, said “It just shows that the market is finished with current-generation models.” While the DS is doing well, it’s not picking up the slack from lowered GameCube and GBA sales. You gotta believe Ninny is pushing for this little fella (pictured) to pic...

Iwata to Speak at Tokyo Game Show

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will make a speech at the Tokyo Game Show on September 16. This comes as a surprise due to previous news that stated the company would not attend. Could this be where/when Nintendo finally unveils the Revolution in all it’s glory? Or will it be another teaser? I’m getting tired of using the word wait, but that’s all we seem to be doing around here....

New DS Screenshots

PALGN has just posted some new DS screenshots for all you DS lovers out there. Check them out by clicking here. Which ones are you excited about?

DRIV3R announced for GBA

The popular PC/PS2/Xbox game is coming to the Gameboy Advance this fall. DRIV3R is a free roaming action game that covers over 30 miles of streets in 25 missions. Good to hear the GBA still has developers making games for the system. How much longer do you think it will hold up?[Source: IGN]

Micro gets a date

Next Generation is reporting that the GameBoy Micro will be released in Japan on September 13. Although the price is still unknown, it’s widely expected to be well under the DS’s $150 price tag. $79 anyone? Still no word on either a US or European release date though.[Source: Next Generation]

Got this many games?

For those of you who subscribe to Nintendo Power, you’ve seen this. If not, check out this loyal gamer and his massive collection of gaming paraphernalia. [Source: Nintendo Power]

RE5 Coming to Revolution?

Nintendo of America is claiming we may have word later this year about RE5 for the Revolution when the system is fully unveiled. Capcom also claimed the game would be coming to other systems. Amen to that. [Source: GameCube Europe]

Revolution Controller ‘Looks Like a Wavebird’

Some anonymous post on the Gaming Age Forum claims to have seen a developer’s Revolution prototype controller and he’s claiming it looks like a Wavebird. He goes on to say that the buttons are laid out in the traditional SNES style but didn’t get a chance to see the back of it. He does note that Nintendo could be withholding some key functionality features until they officially r...

Can Iwata become the Steve Jobs of Nintendo?

What do you think? Could the Revolution be Ninny’s version of the iPod and totally dump the industry on it’s head? Take the GameCube, add a little “hip”, some new play mechanics, and design the hardware in an intuitive fashion… Presto!

EGM Iwata Interview

The good folks at Nintendophiles have posted the recent EGM Iwata Interview on their site. While it doesn’t reveal anything new, it does clarify some graphics, DVD, ethernet port, and controller questions. Iwata reassures that as Nintendo moves forward with controller functionality, it will be backwards compatible for traditional game mechanics.

More Controller Thoughts

We’re all familiar with soft keys for games (i.e. Zelda buttons change functionality on screen given certain scenarios). What if the buttons on the controller changed themselves with a mini digital display? The Optimus Keyboard does just that and is definitely something that could be used for the Revolution (especially for playing various console games).[Thanks Aadil]

RE5 Teaser Trailer

IGN has posted a new teaser trailer for RE5. It would be a shame for this not to make it’s way to the Revolution. RE4 was such a great game and I only expect the next installment to be just as good. Hopefully for Nintendo gamers, a later announcement will take place. Watch Now!