Say it ain’t so…

Punch Jump is reporting that Revolution games will retail for $60. This comes from recent GameStop listings that have speculative games preordering for that much. I think it’s still speculation, and more of a PR stunt by the game store. But if so, what ever happened to cheaper development? Nintendo would be smart to stick with a $50 price point. What do you think?


  1. Considering there’s no Revolution games done yet, and therefore no one can really say how much it’ll cost to make one, I’d say this is a case of the game shops trying to cheat people out of money. After all, it’s going to be 14-18 months before the Revolution comes out. I say we cover this one in salt and adopt the calm “wait and see” approach.

  2. Besides cheaper development costs does not necesarily mean cheaper prices. It might just mean cheaper prices.

  3. I think that the prices will vary.
    The development cost is lower than for X-BOX 360/PS3 because of the missing HDTV and stuff….
    AAA titles like Zelda with a lot of music, textures, voice acting and movies might cost 60$, normal games 50$ and those innovative, but not too complicated games (like Katamari Damacy for example)will be 40$ or less…..I think that is what Nintendo is aiming for. This way they are able to sell more innovative games and make huge profits on the big titles….

  4. I think this is too be expected with this generation. But i’ll only buy the games I really, really want…and sparingly. I think services like gamefly are going to get an immense amount of business this upcoming console gen.

  5. Game prices for new consoles are always rumored to be $60 and sometimes, for a few weeks, they actually are (remember the N64?). What usually happens though is that the prices for new games quickly jump down to $50 if there’s any sort of competition happening (which there will be) and $40 if things are really tight.

  6. Make them Open Source…, and give them away for free?

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