Nintendo On Creator Revealed

The true creator of the Nintendo On phenomenon has been unmasked. Pablo Belmonte, a 23 year-old art student from Spain produced the video in just a couple of days. Apparently, he’s trying to land a job with Nintendo and wanted to use the video to show off his skrillaz. It was fun while it lasted, but finally we can put this one to rest. Good luck Pablo and thanks Jonic for the tip.[Source: E...

Nintendo Growing Pains

There is an interesting article about Nintendo’s decreased market share at Contra Costa Times. The article notes the companies profitability but touches on potential reasons for Nintendo’s waning performance. Basic premise from the article: “Nintendo lacked titles for older players early in the life of the GameCube. By the time mature games such as ‘Resident Evil 4’ a...

DS Sales Spiked by 86%

Thanks to the Electric Blue DS/Mario 64 bundle, the unit has been selling like hot cakes. Since the launch of Nintendo DS in November, more than 1 million copies of Super Mario 64 DS have sold, making it the most popular DS game available. Still don’t have one? Better hurry, this promotion will only last through July 31. Is anyone still surprised by the DS’s huge success? [Source: Plan...

New Screenshots

Good ‘ol GamePro has posted some new screens of the following GC games. Check them out: Super Mario Strikers Kirby I think Mario Strikers, as all other Mario sports games, should be pretty entertaining. Not too sure about Kirby though, but alas, the pink round ball never really had my support.

Odama (GC)

Where did this game come from? Scheduled for release in November of this year, Odama is apparently a puzzle/pinball/strategy game. GameSpot called it one of the sleeper games of E3 saying it’s “one of the most unusual and memorable games at E3.” Has any similar game been published?

Bomberman Review

The Sun Harold has posted a favorable review of the new Bomberman DS game (8/10). Any owners of the game out there? If so, what do you think of the addition to the series? 007 had nothing on Bomberman. It is and shall remain the de facto mult-player game. [Source: Sun Harold]

Top Gun Announced for DS

The game that has been made for just about every Nintendo console including the original NES is making it’s way to the DS. Mastif exec says “Top Gun exploits the capabilities of the Nintendo DS.” No word on a launch date. Could anything be better than the original though? [Source: Gaming Horizon]

Revolution to launch post-PS3?

TOKYO–During Nintendo’s shareholders meeting on Wednesday, company president Satoru Iwata disclosed that the Revolution’s launch might fall behind that of its rivals. Iwata was quoted as saying: “There is no possibility that the Revolution’s launch will fall behind by too much, but there might be some small changes [in its release schedule].” If Revolution does ...

DFC: Nintendo to place second during next round

DFC Intelligence is speculating that the Revolution will outsell the GameCube and that a best case scenario would put the console in a distant second place after PS3, but ahead of the 360 by 1% market share. While this is encouraging to assume the Rev has no where to go but up, only time will tell. If Nintendo’s new console name is what it implies, the below chart should look silly in a shor...

Nintendo From Space

You know the news is bad when the day’s post is a space shot of Nintendo of America Headquarters. Based in Redmond, WA, NOA Headquarters is the place where all the U.S. magic happens. How bout a little more magic in the form of a revealed controller? (Image courtesy of Google Earth)

Nintendo Newsletter

Not much new in this issue, but continuing with the recent postings of wallpapers, you can get some Mario Baseball and Killer 7 lovin’. Read

Meteos Review

The folks over at Wired Magazine (best tech mag) have posted a very solid and positive review for the latest Meteos DS game. Quote: “Meteos is a must-buy for Nintendo DS owners. “ Read