Slow Summer

It has been said that during the summer, Nintendo refrains from releasing large software titles in an effort to keep people more active. Can anyone confirm this? It always seems to be the case every time summer rolls around.

If this urban myth is true, that’s pretty classy on Nintendo’s part.


  1. I think that less people buy games in summer and that’s why most game companys don’t release big titles in the summer. People don’t like to sit inside and play games, they want to go outside.
    But Nintendo made it an Urban Myth and an effective one too 😀 Great PR

  2. Not much to add to that. Except to say that the console market is heavily reliant on seasonal sales. ie key sale periods during fall / autumn / ‘xmas / thanksgiving / easter.

    Which is one of the reasons why the DS did so well (other being that it’s a super machine!).

    What I’m also trying to say is this: that blasted Revolution wotsit better arrive by easter 2006!!!

    None of this N64 / GC arriving a full 18 months (YEAR-AND-A-HALF) after PS1 and PS2 respectively.

  3. I’m a huge table tennis fan. That’s a real nice table to boot.

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