Download The Infendo Desktop

This is a little shameless self promotion, but if you like what we do then download our new Infendo desktop (1280×1024). If you don’t like what we do but have grown tired of your current wallpaper, then download the desktop.

Get it now!


  1. Ahhh nice one, going to my desk right away….
    I love the Infendo logo 😀

  2. Nice work man! Very stylish!

    It reminds me of the Mac OS X default wallpaper. How do you do that aqua style effect?

    I don’t suppose there’s any chance you could email me the source file is there? I’d like to see how you did it!

    I might try making an Infendo desktop background of my own!


  3. Very nice desktop. I’m glad it’s not crazy/busy or tries to do something thats difficult pull off. Clean, just like the site, I like it.

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