Welcome to the Neighborhood

Animal Crossing: Wild World is a fantastic game, but oh so lonely! The Wifi limits you to visiting/inviting only your friends, which is a bummer, but not so terrible. All it means is we have to take matters into our own hands and fill our friend rosters, be hospitable with our portable towns. Post your friend codes in the comments and mingle.

Moved in:
Blake (coming soon)
Nic (coming soon)
Chris (coming soon)

Leave comments on the bulletin board, catch some fish, have a cup of joe, and send us love/hate mail. Welcome to Infendo!


  1. I’ll be scoring this one at Christmas…so looking forward to hanging in everybodys town!

  2. Nicola


    Town Name: Sunset

    Pls add me. I want to visit/have guests.

  3. Ross
    Town Name: Krystr12

  4. I got u, Nicola 😉 U too, Ross.

  5. animal crossing wild world is one of the best games out

    Name: status
    Town: express
    Friend code: 2405 7890 1379

  6. Got you three added. I’ll be sure to open my gate when I get online. If you do visit, bring fruit to sell. Nook will give you 500 bells for peaches. Apples I have in my world… they don’t go for much. Also, I’m looking for a butterfly net and a Stego head fossil. Will trade a shovel or Xmas tree or something else.

  7. My gates are open as we speak. I’ll leave em open for anyone. If ur online, come on over. It’s a wonderful day for a neighbor…

  8. Come visit beautiful Sirius!

    Name’s Fox, and the code is 0387-1538-6280!

    I’ve added y’all, add me, please? I have butterfly nets!

  9. Maybe the gang at infendo can place a stationary link on the front page to this discussion so we can easily jump back to it?

    I won’t be getting Animal Crossing until the 25th, but I’d love to get online and have visitors when I do.

  10. Name: Mamoru
    Town Name: Niwa
    Friend Code: 3479-5314-1472

    Pears grow locally for me. Any other fruits that I could plant would be appreciated.

  11. I’ll update it as time goes on to add the other guys’ info and keep it easy to access.

    I left my gates open in the game (as in i’m hosting). If you wanna come, go right ahead. ^_^ Had fun with Nicola and Ross a little while ago. Hope to get a 4some going soon.

  12. FYI: If u come to my town and i don’t answer, check the bulletin board for a message. I prob got busy doin somethin. Leave a letter or a note on the board if you can’t stay.

    Don’t steal anything!

  13. Town: Appleton
    Name: Amy
    Friend Code: 2878-2358-7366

    I’d love to visit other towns, and feel free to visit me…!!

  14. Town: B’ford
    Name: Kurtis
    Friend Code: 0086-5084-4139

  15. I don’t know what keeps happening, but the connection goes out..
    IM me at amyheartsjapan if you want to meet later..

  16. BTN @ V.A.A. [ 5455 – 2163 – 1257 ]

    I added everyone here!

  17. Juan, 3393-6320-4712, town name is Alderaan.

  18. This game is crazy, see all of sometime somewhere.

  19. I believe…i’m addicted. Help.

    Nicola and Amy r my 2 favorite ppl in the world right now. ^_^

  20. Juan, I love the name you gave 2 ur town. Kudos.

  21. Hey!
    Name – Sachi
    Friend Code – 0730-7531-3486
    Town Name – WoahDude

    Looking forward to playing online soon!

  22. I’ve added everybody here. Lots of fun hanging out doing absolutely nothing. No goals, no end, just walking around shooting the breeze and fucking stuff up. Totally fun.

    Where can I buy axes wholesale, that’s what I’d like to know…

    ps, Hi Kurtis, Rollin, Ross, Amy, and the others.

    Still looking for a Stego head fossil, if anybody’s got one. And a butterfly net. Lepidoptera!

  23. Hi there my town is Famicom.

    Friend Code:1761-5446-6166

    AC ID: Orion

    I need an axe, and a watering can if someone has it. I have butterfly nets, and fishing poles. Cherries are my fruit. Really want to exchange stuff.

  24. Ryan,

    Cherries!! I’ve got a spare watering can if you want. Been looking for a flutterby net. I just added your code.

    See you soon…

  25. oh what a horrible mistake i made in hesitating to get animal crossing.
    now i have to wait till i get another shipment in.

    sonic rush is no substitute at all.

  26. Because of the stupid german and french people who just gotta have the game in their own language, we in Sweden have to wait until march to join you. (yeah yeah I know, we can import, but I don’t wanna!)

    Why can’t everyone just stick to plain old english?

  27. Cause English is for wusses!!

    You know what we should do guys? Fashion Show!!!!!! I got all sorts of ideas i’m thinking about. With prizes.

  28. matt said………….

    i have two characters…
    one dude and one dudette

    so add me up y’all
    mattjnj= 0988-4504-7989
    and kazumi= 0859-6020-8536

    Town Name: the-town

  29. matt said………..
    PS…. add me up!!!!
    i’m online today 12/11/05 from 8 am to 11 pm….i’ll be waiting for y’all!!!!

  30. matt said…………….
    i already added Nicola,Ross,status,Mamoru,Amy and Kurtis………….i’m just waiting for them to add me up!!

    my friend code is= 0859-6020-8536

    seee y’all!!!

  31. matt said….. from kazumi,

    Nicola u r so COOL!!!!

  32. matt said….. from kazumi,

    Nicola u r so COOL!!!!

  33. Mike

    You guys rock

  34. matt said……….

    u 2 kurtis!!!
    u r so kewl!!!!

  35. Sorry I’m late –

    Please add me to all of your lists, everyone above has been added to mine…

    Name: Knoah
    Town: Japan
    Code: 0086 5061 5313

  36. I am making a zen maze, one of those simple things you walk and contempate. It will have a Mega Thingumazoid in the middle with which to communicate. You can donate fruit to him as well, kind of liek Buddha. He doesn’t like apples. I won’t be having visitors till my maze is done. But, then, when it is … oh my!

    ps, I will be visiting other towns in the meantime. No worries.

  37. if you really want to travel far (switzerland) add me!



    town name: gogotown

  38. hey iam adonay



  39. Hey everyone. I’ve got cherry trees and would love to get some other kinds of fruit.

    Name: Kellogs
    Town: Bithlo
    FC: 3823-1282-8314

    I’ll try to add as many people as possible from this list

  40. Roll-diddy.
    Nice posts. Mine’s in route and I should be “crossing” come tues.

  41. Name: Nizar
    Town: Appleton
    Code: 5369-3188-8038

  42. Bring shovels and nets please. I have some carpets, maybe that matters, I dont know.

  43. My zen maze is scuppered. The holes don’t last past one session. Bummer.


  44. Yo, Nicola / Adoday & Ross – my mario kart code is….

    270642 359126 [Silent K]

  45. MKDS code:



  46. 068779620074

    you guys its me adonay. ready to kart?

  47. MKDS code:



  48. We’re doin Mario Kart now? MKDS is sooo week before last.

  49. hey i’ve added you all, so don’t forget me. i’ve got porn in my town!!!

    name: Folax
    town: Da Slope
    fc: 459622294699

  50. Character: Mugwump
    Town: InterZôn
    FC: 2835-2858-7739

    I am usually online in the evenings… I’ll try to be there at least once a day!

  51. Hey all!

    Name: Ryuben
    Town: Mordavia
    Code: 5154-5702-2110

    Have: Cherries!
    Need: Axe and Watering Can!

    Visit any time!


    Does anyone else get disconnected if they leave their gate open too long? (5 minutes)

  52. Hey all,

    I’m a bit paranoid about posting my info here, so I thought I’d give a little advert for AnimalCrossingCommunity.com.

    Absolutely great site! And no, I don’t work for them. Feel free to request my FC there — user name is tetrax. 🙂

  53. How DARE you try to steal our community!


  54. AnimalCrossingCommunity.com is a wee bit sluggish .. . Besides, Infendo and ACC are two different places, no worries 😉

  55. I’m gonna hop on tonight for a bit. Got kuh-raaaazy stories to tell.

    Anyone gonna be around tonight?

  56. town: rathole


  57. You got a name?

  58. hey is there a way to force someone out of your town if they are making a mess in your town? i know one could just turn off the power, but is that safe? i’d love to post my friend code, but my brother’s visit made me realise that having some sort of control over the visitors would be nice… originally i was hoping you could get copper to go “apprehend” people and toss them out, should the need arise.

  59. tufetuf said, “originally i was hoping you could get copper to go “apprehend” people and toss them out, should the need arise.”

    Good suggestion for expansion pak!

  60. Hey again,

    I had originally posted this info:

    Name: Ryuben
    Town: Mordavia
    Code: 5154-5702-2110

    But my name in Animal Crossing is actually: Lasant

    Whoops! I’m not sure if it makes the connection NOT work if you have the wrong name though.

  61. P.S.

    Hey MuffinGal! Logging on tonight?

  62. hi, does anyone have an axe they can spare?

    i will pay 1,000 bells and a cherry for it.

    please post back so i we can share codes .

    my name is ADONAY. please respond back!

  63. oops
    i posted this before but forgot to add my ac name

    name: flyspeck
    town: rathole

  64. name: Lewis
    town: Atlantic
    FC: 4209-6790-4080

  65. Name: Cocoa
    Town: Tigeria
    FC: 4896-8696-0868

    Better late than never!

  66. MuffinGal said, “Better late than never!”

    tufetuf says, “ditto.”

    name: tufetuf
    town: caprica
    code: 3951-9794-6302

  67. Hey Rollin! Had a great time last night. I don’t know what the lagging issue was! Gonna check NintendoWifi.com about it!

    Still got that powdered wig for you!

  68. Hey MuffinGal and Rollin,

    That was quite a session yesterday! Quite a lucky save too! What was it? 20 seconds before the connection crapped out?

    Need more patterns? Check this out!

  69. Name: KItTy(teardrop)
    Town: Atlantic
    FC: 4896-8750-6254

  70. we should post times or have a timecard or something so we know when other people are on. i always look for people when i go out and noones around.


  71. name: dael
    town: PR land

  72. Everyone who posted their friend code should check in at http://linteria.blogspot.com/

    Think of it as a stomping ground for all of the AC players from Infendo.


    Name: Lasant
    Town: Mordavia
    Code: 5154-5702-2110

    *Community*: http://linteria.blogspot.com/

  73. name of animal:Heather
    my town:Moonvall
    towns fruit:pears
    note:plese bring along at least one different fruit from mine if you have any!

  74. Rasputin


    Town: Ingsoc

    I’ve added you Rollin.

  75. Name: Marcus
    Town: Crappot
    Friend Code: 3350-7648-8508

    Never been on wifi before, just looking to test it out. Interested in visiting or recieving guests.

  76. name: Status
    town: express
    friend code: 240578901379

  77. FC: 5068-7058-3448
    Name: Cephas
    Town: Termina

  78. Name: lbinorvn
    Town: Azeroth
    Code: 1332 1765 8091

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