Tatanga invades Super Mario Galaxy 2


TatangaTatanga (A.K.A. Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman) is an alien invader who once conquered Sarasaland. Although he is acknowledged as an invader, in appearance he looks like a meek purple alien. During the events of Super Mario Land, Tatanga captured Princess Daisy, the princess of Sarasaland, and ordered his armies to guard the land’s four kingdoms.

Yet according to a Nintendo press release earlier this morning. Tatanga has plans to take over the Galaxy and has been stated as being one of the main antagonists of Super Mario Galaxy 2. He brings with him an armada of aliens, and is apparently working with the King of the Koopas.

As an almost forgotten boss of Super Mario Land, I don’t think a lot of people will know who Tatanga is, thank goodness for the press release. Anyone excited for Tatanga?

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  1. April fools!

  2. You gave in too early.

  3. So obvious Will.

    It would have been cool though.

  4. DAM!! I got suckered into believing this. CRAP! :p

  5. He would be so perfect…

  6. Well played. I wish this were true.

  7. april fools, the gamers day of reckoning

  8. I knew it

  9. It would be logical because where else did Bowser get the flying saucers from in Super Mario Galaxy? I wish Tatanga and his enemies were in Mario Galaxy 2!

  10. Darn, April Fools! I love fooling people, but hate gettin fooled myself! Anyways, for some reason, I expected him to be in the first SMG. I dunno why, though. He’s one of those character’s that just seems to have left existence…

  11. i wish this was true 🙁
    then maybe daisy would have an important role in it… and i love daisy.

  12. what’s up with fawful maybe he’ll be in galaxy from what i’ve played of bowser’s inside story he seems to be some sort of alien, flying saucerish thing. good one though!!

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