As of December 2004, the N64 sold 32.93 million units compared to the GameCube’s 18.02 million units. Which begs to ask, if Nintendo sells less Revolutions than N64’s during the next round of consoles, will they survive as a hardware manufacturer?

To be fair to the GameCube (which I believe is a better machine), she still can sell and was competing against a much more dominate Microsoft than Sega this time around.

(Stat Source: Gaming Age)


  1. But yet, the n64 competed against a stronger console: the sega dreamcast. The n64 strived for innovation while the dreamcast settled for power. The gamecube, with a bit of power under its hood rivaled the ps2 and the xbox but lacked features and a good color selection, which hurt its sales. With the revolution, anything is possible

  2. Lol! Maybe a first comment. Well, I believe this happened because gamers “grew up” and they had the choice of Xbox and PS2. So…We’ll wait and see for the Rev.

  3. The Revo will most likely outsell the GCN. The GCN had no selling point among casual gamers. The XBox had the best graphics and all the useless junk that nobody uses built in, and the PS2 had the largest selection of games. As far as the bigger chunk of the market is concerned, the GCN was just a stripped down XBox. The Revolution, on the other hand has something the PS3 and XBox 360 don’t. The PS3 will have the best graphics, the Revolution will have the funky input device, and the X360 will… eh… Well, I’m not entirely sure what it will have. Sell T-shirts?

  4. Well You have to consider that the N64 has been out since 96 and the Gamecube since 01. That’s a 5 year difference, and even though I don’t think the gamecube will reach 34 million, I bet it will topple 20-25 million easily. That’s not that great but hey it keeps Nintendo in bussiness so it’s all good.

  5. I think every console since the NES has soled less (at least market share got smaller 😉 ) than the console before….
    On the other hand, Nintendo is making huge profits with just 10-14% market share with the GC…I don’t think they’re going to be in trouble….
    Especially if the Revolution is as cool as it sounds at the moment….

  6. Nintendo seems to have noticed what its done wrong in the past 2 generations. They’re working to make the revolution be a lot more “sexy” (Ive never thought of a piece of hardware as being sexy though). They’ve obviously overcome their fear of using discs. They’re is intent on getting into the online business and are going to arrive late but hard with the DS later this year and key franchises going online as revolution launch titles. The optional DVD (and music) drive is a small step towards multimedia, and the play yan is a fairly big step if they market it strongly.

    Now, for stuff that involves the future, not past mistakes. The downloadable 20 years of Nintendo history is what attracts me the most. Knowing I can play every Nintendo home console game made on a single console is more appealing to me than finding out what the controller is. And speaking of the controller, I hope it’s not too unique to the point where it alienates developers and gamers. And the big fuss over no HD. I read on IGN that if it supports HD, standard analog TV’s will make the game look worse than it would if there was no HD support. I dont know if this is true, but if it is, I can see some reason as to why Nintendo isn’t including HD. But its surprising after seeing how much a lack of online alienated developers and gamers, Ninty is still willing to risk not including HD. The gamecube supports it, and their next gen wont? But still, I dont really care, I slightly lean to the side that they should support it, but its not too big a deal to me. And the path they’re taking where its a lot easier to develop games for the revolution and its going to be the cheapest of the 3 by a lot (at E3, in an interview, Iwata mentioned they’re aiming for a launch price of around 200$!!!), I don’t see why the revolution won’t do good.

    With all these steps in the right direction, I believe the revolution will greatly compete in the next gen, defenitely selling more than the gamecube. As of now, it’s hard to build hype for the revolution and thats one of the biggest reasons why most people are forgetting about Nintendo. They understandably wont reveal the controller so it wont be copied by the competition. And they choose not too make a big deal over the tech specs because they’re marketting the system not for its expensive technologies, but for its unique (and fun) gameplay experiences.

  7. Jake,

    To my knowledge, the GameCube IS NOT HD compaitible. Rather it supports 16×9 formatting and has digital video outs that increase the clarity and picture. It does not, however, broadcast it’s video in HD quality.

    Any stat boy out there want to confirm?

  8. Jake,

    I really enjoyed your first comment but I think you misunderstood my reply. To my knowledge I don’t think the gamecube is HD compatible but I could be wrong. That’s why I asked if someone (a statboy) could confirm. I removed your last comment for obvious reasons but hope you keep coming back to post thoughtful comments like your first one.

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