Revolution Controller Shown to Third Parties

In an interview with Reginald Fils-Aime, EGM found out some interesting things. Primarily, Reggie after sharing the system’s controller with key third-party developers said, “…their eyes truly light up because they start to imagine what’s possible with [this] type of configuration, which is vastly different than a sheer horsepower type of game.”

It also seems he claims that the controller can handle all previous console games as well. Man, the big N sure is milking this controller thing as long as they can. And guess what, we’re all patiently waiting. (Well maybe not patiently, but what can you do.)

[EGM via Spong]


  1. I hope to God it’s not R.O.B. 256.

  2. I really hope it delivers, but part of me is scared. Hype can be a double edged sword. But I’m thinking they’ll deliver.

  3. Well that finally is some “real” Revolution news 😀 and it sopunds great ! But how can it handle the old games ? Ahhhh the suspense is killing me 😀

  4. It says right in the little blurb that it can handle all the old games.

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