Strongbad Gaming

Wario Ware is just great gaming, Strongbad style. I’ve only played the original GBA version, and wanted to see what you thought of the others: Twisted, Touched, and the GC version. Which is the best out of all four? How do they stack up against each other? You decide.Who knows, maybe Strongbad himself will cast a vote…

CardBoy Micro

Check out these nice new pics.

Lessons Learned from CD-i

Back in the mid ’90’s, CD-i wanted to become the in-home media center: music, movies, and games. Granted lack of games was a killer, but it has been reported that the company realized it needed to focus on games if it were to succeed, but it was too late. They went out in 1996. Is PS3 and Xbox taking the same route in trying to become the all-in-one home media center? Granted I’m...


If you’re a hardware nut, Nintendo Fan, and have lots of extra time on your hands, knock yourself out. Here’s the how-to instructions if you’ve got the moxey! (Source: 4 Color Rebellion)

Revolution: No HD

Apparently, Ninny has decided not to include HD with Revolution. While this isn’t a huge shock, I’m left wondering. Do you think it’s a big deal? I don’t think it’s mission critical, but it would have been a nice feature. Nintendo is claiming that adding HD will add to developer and consumers cost. That may be the case but I wonder if that’s more PR spin than ac...

DS Web Browsing?

This would be cool but it’s sounding more and more like a fake. Who knows though, maybe web browsing on the DS could be a reality in the near future… (Source:

DS Outsells Sony PSP and PS2 Combined!

According to N-Gage Gaming of all places, not only is the DS outselling the PSP in Japan, but the PSP and PS2 combined. I guess it did better than both systems over the duration of one week. Impressive stuff, but it will be interesting to find out US figures. As we all know, American and Japanese gaming are different beasts altogether. How do you think it’s doing here in the states?

Micro Skins + Nice New Pic

Behold, the goodness that is… more micro pics. While I think the GameBoy micro was an excellent business move by Nintendo to steal thunder from the PSP at E3, I think I’ll stick with my trusty SP. Are any of you going to buy one come this November? If so, why? (Tiny hardware deserve tiny pics)

The Best Controller…Ever

I believe the GameCube controller to be the most ergonomic controller ever. And because of that, combined with its excellent button placement, I deem it the best! Every time I pick one up, it just feels like I’m better prepared for the upcoming gaming experience. What do you think? Is it the best?

DS Lovin’

Starting June 12, the DS will ship with Mario 64 DS. Might be a good time to pick this badboy up in preparation for Nintendogs. (Source: 4 color rebellion)

Not FREE? Boo.

Gamedaily is reporting that the Nintendo classics will not be FREE. I guess you can strike my post from last Friday as wishful thinking based off hearsay. (Sorry, blogger mistake) Joystiq has been saying though that maybe they will somehow incorporate free promotional downloads. I.E. Buy a game, get 3 FREE classic downloads. Has anyone heard anything else?

Bad Publicity

This can’t be good publicity for the PSP. It just goes to show the love people have for Nintendo games, even for the haters. Wired is reporting in an article released today about easy hacks for the PSP that allow users to play retro Nintendo games. (See images below) With all the good hardware found in the PSP, people still just want great games. Even if they are technologically challenged.