Overlooked Games

I was looking through Game Rankings online rankings and came across a few GameCube titles that I’ve either overlooked or have never had the time to play. The three that most intrigued me were Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Beyond Good and Evil, and the oh so stylistic Viewtiful Joe. If you’ve played any of them on the GameCube, which would you go after first?


  1. Viewtiful Joe, without a doubt. It’s hard as hell but incrediably fun.

  2. Thanks gc, I’m on it!

  3. Oh prince of persia is such a great game. I am no knocking viewtiful joe but how in the world are you trying to be a nintendo blog and you don’t own both of those games.. viewtiful is a classic since it started as a nintendo only game even though now its out for ps and prince of persia is out for all the systems but has some amazing game play …

  4. pop!!!

  5. Can’t say anthing about Prince of Persia, but as for the other two…

    Beyond Good & Evil for sure.

    It has one of the best storylines I ever played!

    …geez, we need a “real” Final Fantasy…

  6. I’ve played all three, but on the Xbox, except for Viewtiful Joe, of course…

    The best of those three has to be Beyond Good & Evil, by far!

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