To All the Readers…

A lot has happened around here since we started Infendo a month and a half ago. First off, we have been blown away by the number of visitors over the past several weeks. We really appreciate your thoughtful comments about the company and industry we have all grown to love. Also, to the bloggers that link to us, your support is golden. Thank you.

We hope we have provided insightful posts thus far, and in an effort to improve, we want to know what you would like to see more of. For what it’s worth, people really pay attention to what you have to say (gaming execs included). With that said, the mic is yours…


  1. I want to thank YOU for making this nice blog!
    What I’d like to see more is maybe some reviews. Especially on interesting, innovative games as electroplankton or just games that you think are really good.

  2. Sleeper hits. I want to know about the great Nintendo games that I missed.

  3. I love what you guys are doing. The site isn’t cluttered with ads or useless information. It’s a straight foward blog delivering relavent information. You ask to hear other peoples opinions frequently about a variety of things, I really dig that aspect of the site as well. Keep everything up, as far as improvements are concerned I can’t offer much advice maybe besides more, more more!

  4. I think you should have a repository so we can share our cool nintendo pictures/music etc with each other. That would rock!

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