Update: Leaked Revolution Ad

Over the weekend, we received the actual image of the Leaked Revolution Ad screenshot. The anonymous source claims the image comes from an agency that has done work for Nintendo in the past. He went on to confirm that this is in fact just a concept and said similar ideas like “The future is in your hands” were also in the works referring to the oh so elusive controller.

Still speculative, but here’s the alleged file.


  1. It’s still entirely possible that this is fake, but either way, I really don’t care. It still makes an awesome wallpaper.

  2. The date is the best part, if this is indeed real.

  3. Looks cool, but hey, we know what happened with all the past rumours.. Shouldn’t get my hopes up..

  4. the symbols look at them people the first is an n then a dot this stands for nintendo then the long empty space is the o then another n this satnds for ON the last symbol is meant to confuse either this or they wanted to show off the headgear layout i/o, visor, contrast, and then brightness they both work

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