Miracle DS run continues in Japan

There comes a time in every consoles life when it must either accept defeat, or embrace victory. Today, the DS must shed its happy-go-lucky, fun-loving attitude and embrace the fact that it has kicked the bully’s butt; that it has taken on the Ferrari supercar with its Honda Civic shell and has won the day. But first, this chart for reference:

1- New Super Mario Bros. (NIntendo, DS) 3.09 million copies
2- Motto Otona no DS Training (Nintendo, DS): 1.53 millions copies.
3- Winning Eleven 10 (Konami, PS2): 1.04 million
4- Otona no DS Training (Nintendo, DS): 900,000 copies.
5- Oideyo Dobutsu no Mori (Nintendo, DS): 870,000 copies.
6- Tetris DS (Nintendo, DS): 840,000 copies.
7- Final Fantasy III (Square Enix, DS): 730,000 copies.
8- Otona no DS Training Eigo (Nintendo, DS): 670,000 copies.
9- DS Oryori Navi (Nintendo, DS): 500,000 copies.
10- Tamagochi no PuchiPuchi Omissetchi (BNG, DS): 500,000 copies
(Source: Enterbrain, via Next Generation)

Those are the best selling games in Japan for the first half of 2006. The numbers were released today. In light of these numbers, I’m thinking of a new DS commercial. One that shows a PSP on a coffee table or a desk, covered with papers, or perhaps with a cold drink being rested upon its glossy screen, the condensation leaving a wet circle blemish on its smug face. In the background is a kid playing his DS with a group of friends via ad hoc wireless. Que the fade-in tag line:

“Sony, we win” (place this over the gamers having some kind of Clubhouse Games-type wi-fi blast in the back) Then that fades away and this phrase fades into view over the stained, half covered PSP: “You lose.”

“Nintendo DS”

And.. scene.