Revolution Controller: Not done

Shigeru Miyamoto has said that the Revolution controller’s functionality has not yet been finalized. I kinda guessed that since they haven’t shown the thing. Shocker! (Note to self: this means that all the mockup photos that are coming in are just fake. Still fun to speculate though.)


  1. I think it’s actually more fun than finally seeing the thing 😀
    Honestly I think that they are only changing minor stuff….
    I mean Sony says their design is not the final design and everyone thinks this is a good sign and now Nintendo says they are still changing things and everyone’s like: “Boooh they don’t have a controller and have problems designing it….Nintendo suxXx”
    Maybe….maybe NintendoOn and those fakes are all real, but only concepts and the controller really is in early developement 😀
    I personally love the latest black and blue pad with no buttons….it’s sooo sexy 😀

  2. Oh the suspense! Man, I really can’t wait for them to finally reveal it. And yes…the mock up photos are still a ton of fun.

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