Tetris vs. Dr. Mario

I’ve recently been on a huge Dr. Mario kick. Well, actually Dr. Wario from WarioWare Inc, but it’s all the same. This game is so well done and very addictive. It’s gaming in it’s simplest form. I’m left wondering if it is even better than the beloved Tetris… That may be gaming blasphemy, but I’d be interested in hearing which one you like better and why. Tetris? Or Dr. Mario?


  1. Tetris but only for one reason. Growing up, my older sister would always win at Dr. Mario. Tetris was mine though.

  2. Dr Mario is so much better!
    In my opinion Tetris was boring, but when i tried Dr Mario i got addicted! 😀

  3. Why choose? Just play Tetris & Dr. Mario for the Super NES. Two games in one, and in versus mode you can even have one person play Tetris while the other plays Dr. Mario.

  4. Tetris because of the music

  5. from my experiance i have noticed for whatever reason females seem to be better at Dr. Mario than males.

  6. My wife loves Tetris but hates Dr. Mario… heh. Overall I probably prefer Tetris but Dr. Mario has more personality. Dr. Mario seems to play a bit slower.

  7. i am the greatest Dr. Mario player in North America

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