Random Saturday – It’s Super Effective!


This is random Saturday where we present you with a random picture and your goal is to give it a funny caption or title. So would you kindly give this picture a caption?

Find out what last weeks title was after the break.

MegaMan Cosplay

Megaman didn’t realize that Dr. Wily was his professor until the second semester.” – Metalli-Sithlord

Runner ups
“It was clear Capcom had run out of boss ideas when I found myself squaring off against ‘Administration Man’.” – Instant_Awesome

“It figures. 10,000 kids on campus and I get stuck with the biggest whackadoodle of them all as a roommate.” ”“ Joshdad

“Kids, this is how your father blew away his chances with the ladies in school.” ”“ Clonester

“This summer. Megaman. Is. The Hall Monitor.” ”“ Alexis

““Rush lets get out of here before someone realizes I went in the girls bathroom!” ”“ Attilio

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